R2R Data Types

The R2R program curates digital data generated by environmental sensor systems permanently installed on the vessel and routinely maintained by the resident technicians, including:

System Type Description/Examples
ADCP Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler measures ocean currents
CTD Conductivity, temperature, pressure and other sensors in the water column
Echosounder Single, dual, or split-beam sonar; may be fixed frequency or chirped; measures depth to seafloor or midwater reflectors, shallow sediment profile, and/or
water column image
Expendable Probe XBT, XCTD, XSV, and/or XCP launched from hand or deck unit
Fluorometer Fluorescence (usually for phytoplankton)
Gravimeter Gravity field
Magnetometer Magnetic field
Met Station Meteorological data (wind speed/direction, temperature, humidity, turbulence, precipitation, radiation, etc)
Multibeam Hull-mounted multiple formed-beam sonar measures swath bathymetry, amplitude, and/or backscatter as well as water column image
Navigation Time, position, and motion eg. Global Navigation Satellite System (D/GPS, GLONASS), Vertical Reference Unit (IMU/MRU), Speed log, and Gyrocompass
pCO2 Partial pressure of dissolved carbon dioxide
SSV Sea surface sound velocimeter
TSG Thermosalinograph - flow-through temperature and salinity data
Winch Wire tension, speed, payout, etc recorded for vessel safety

We maintain a database of underway instruments on UNOLS vessels.