R2R Implementation Memo

The memo (attached below) was issued by Bob Houtman, Head of the Integrative Program Section in the NSF Ocean Sciences Division, and is referenced in the message below from UNOLS Office Executive Secretary Jon Alberts:


NSF has requested that the UNOLS Office distribute this Rolling Deck to Repository (R2R) Memo to the UNOLS community today.  Over the past few months there have been several R2R presentations at various meetings,  including the RVTEC meeting in Seattle and AGU in San Francisco. These presentations which described the program goals and introduced the community to the R2R team have done an excellent job at getting the word out on this exciting new program .  Please share this memo with your staff and institutions.  The R2R web site (www.rvdata.us) has contact information which will help answer any questions which will arise.

Thank you and best regards,

Jon Alberts

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