Standard Products

In addition to near-real-time quality assessment of MET/TSG data, and post-cruise quality assessment of selected data types, R2R will also create and serve a set of standard products for each cruise:


(1) “Cruise-level” metadata record consisting of:

  • Expedition summary including cruise id, vessel, operator, project titles and funding awards, science party, ports, dates, survey targets, and trackline geometry.
  • Inventory of underway data sets including type, make, and model of each instrument system along with file format and release status.


(2) Quality-controlled shiptrack navigation as a suite of files:

  • original resolution (typically 1sec GNSS/INS),
  • 1-minute resolution, and
  • abstracted (minimized) set of “control points".


(3) Scientific Sampling Event Log (when supplied).

The Event Log includes event numbers unique for the cruise, time, position, station and cast identifier as appropriate to the sampling event, sampling instrument name (e.g. CTD, TM, MOC10), name of person responsible for the event, and a comment field to record additional information.

(4) Post-processed data profiles for selected data types:

  • Geophysical trackline profiles (underway gravity, magnetics, bathymetry, etc), for vessels equipped with these instrument types; and
  • Hydrographic profiles (depth, temperature, salinity, etc from CTD).