Real-Time Data

R2R, in partnership with the Shipboard Automated Meteorological and Oceanographic System (SAMOS), will develop protocols for UNOLS operators to transmit underway MET and TSG data to the shore-side R2R server in near real-time, enabling rapid QA and feedback during the cruise. Community input will be solicited with representatives from each vessel to discuss data requirements (e.g. navigational, oceanographic, and meteorological parameters), and transmission formats (e.g., NMEA or other structured formats), and to devise a protocol for transmission.

Data ingestion processes developed by the SAMOS data center will be modified to pull data directly from the real-time R2R server. QA for TSG/MET data from UNOLS vessels will include automated tests and daily visual monitoring. All observations will be examined and have quality flags applied at the parametric level, yielding a single alphabetic quality flag. In keeping with other R2R post-cruise QA procedures, this QA process will flag suspect values, not remove them from the data files. We anticipate developing additional automated QA techniques during the later years of R2R including techniques to flag data collected when the sensor is poorly exposed to the wind or affected by the ship’s exhaust plume. A series of automated daily, weekly, and monthly quality reports (QACs) will be generated and provided to the UNOLS technicians and operators via a subscription service.

Finally, as part of the overall R2R data stewardship model, the SAMOS data center will provide all quality evaluated underway MET/TSG to NODC for archiving.