Disciplinary repositories that accept submission of cruise-related data from US investigators:

  • ADC for Arctic multidisciplinary data
  • BCO-DMO for bio/chem oceanographic data
  • CCHDO for hydrographic data
  • EarthChem for geochemical and chronological data
  • GenBank for sequence data
  • IRIS for seismological data
  • JASADCP for ocean current data
  • MGDS for marine geological/geophysical data
  • NCAR for marine meteorology, atmospheric parameters (chemistry, radiation, etc.)
     (Click on “Data Management”)
  • NCEI for paleoclimate data
  • NCEI for physical oceanography and/or marine meteorology
  • SESAR for sample information and registration
  • UNAVCO for geodetic data
  • USAP-DC for Antarctic glaciology data

This list is not comprehensive. Researchers are encouraged to contact their funding agency for further guidance.