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Cruise Catalog: Eltanin

  • Operator: Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory

    Cruise ID
    Start DateStart PortEnd DateEnd Port
    ELT55A 1972-12-02Melbourne, Australia1972-12-29Fremantle, Australia
    Chief: Heezen, Bruce (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905183 
    ELT55 1972-10-30Newcastle, Australia1972-11-18Melbourne, Australia
    Chief: Heezen, Bruce (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905182 
    ELT54B 1972-09-01Melbourne, Australia1972-09-07Newcastle, Australia
    Chief: Markl, Rudi (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905181 
    ELT54A 1972-07-30Fremantle, Australia1972-08-23Melbourne, Australia
    Chief: Markl, Rudi (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905180 
    ELT54 1972-06-20Fremantle, Australia1972-07-29Fremantle, Australia
    Chief: Markl, Rudi (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905179 
    ELT53 1972-04-10Lyttelton, New Zealand1972-06-09Fremantle, Australia
    Chief: Aitken, Thomas (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905178 
    ELT52 1972-02-26McMurdo Station, Antarctica1972-03-27Lyttelton, New Zealand
    Chief: Houtz, Robert (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905177 
    ELT51 1972-01-17Lyttelton, New Zealand1972-02-25McMurdo Station, Antarctica
    Chief: McWhinnie, Mary (DePaul)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905176 
    ELT50 1971-11-08Fremantle, Australia1972-01-03Lyttelton, New Zealand
    Chief: Gordon, Arnold (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905175 
    ELT49 1971-08-31Fremantle, Australia1971-10-26Fremantle, Australia
    Chief: Griffiths, Kenneth (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905174 
    ELT48 1971-06-28Newcastle, Australia1971-08-19Fremantle, Australia
    Chief: Watkins, Norman (URI)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905173 
    ELT47A 1971-04-20Melbourne, Australia1971-05-09Newcastle, Australia
    Chief: Griffiths, Kenneth (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905172 
    ELT47 1971-02-03Fremantle, Australia1971-04-12Melbourne, Australia
    Chief: Houtz, Robert (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905171 
    ELT46 1970-11-20Fremantle, Australia1971-01-19Fremantle, Australia
    Chief: El-Sayed, Sayed (USAP)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905170 
    ELT45 1970-09-09Fremantle, Australia1970-10-28Fremantle, Australia
    Chief: Frakes, Lawrence (Adelaide)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905169 
    ELT44 1970-06-24Wellington, New Zealand1970-08-18Fremantle, Australia
    Chief: Gordon, Arnold (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905168 
    ELT43 1970-04-21Punta Arenas, Chile1970-06-03Wellington, New Zealand
    Chief: Hayes, Dennis (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905167 
    ELT42 1970-02-28Port Adelaide, Australia1970-04-09Punta Arenas, Chile
    Chief: Houtz, Robert (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905166 
    ELT41A 1970-01-29Port Adelaide, Australia1970-02-15Port Adelaide, Australia
    Chief: Snodgrass, Frank (USAP)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905165 
    ELT41 1969-12-20Port Adelaide, Australia1970-01-26Port Adelaide, Australia
    Chief: Snodgrass, Frank (USAP)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905164 
    ELT40A 1969-12-01Lyttelton, New Zealand1969-12-10Port Adelaide, Australia
    Chief: Warren, Bruce (WHOI)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905163 
    ELT40 1969-09-15Auckland, New Zealand1969-11-20Lyttelton, New Zealand
    Chief: Warren, Bruce (WHOI)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905162 
    ELT39 1969-06-08Melbourne, Australia1969-08-04Auckland, New Zealand
    Chief: Dawson, Merle (USAP)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905161 
    ELT38 1969-03-20Melbourne, Australia1969-05-12Melbourne, Australia
    Chief: Pomeroy, Lawrence (USAP)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905160 
    ELT37 1969-01-10Wellington, New Zealand1969-03-02Melbourne, Australia
    Chief: Gordon, Arnold (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905159 
    ELT36 1968-10-18Port Adelaide, Australia1968-12-17Wellington, New Zealand
    Chief: Seelig, Walter (USAP)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905158 
    ELT35 1968-08-12Port Adelaide, Australia1968-10-06Port Adelaide, Australia
    Chief: Fields, Melvin (USAP)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905157 
    ELT34 1968-05-28Auckland, New Zealand1968-07-30Port Adelaide, Australia
    Chief: Twiss, John (USAP)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905156 
    ELT33 1968-03-11Wellington, New Zealand1968-05-17Auckland, New Zealand
    Chief: Armstrong, T.D. (USAP)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905155 
    ELT32 1967-12-30Dunedin, New Zealand1968-02-28Wellington, New Zealand
    Chief: Moulton, Kendall (USAP)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905154 
    ELT31 1967-11-15San Francisco, California1967-12-19Dunedin, New Zealand
    Chief: Fields, Melvin (USAP)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905153 
    ELT30 1967-08-12Brisbane, Australia1967-09-21San Francisco, California
    Chief: El-Sayed, Sayed (USAP)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905152 
    ELT29 1967-06-02Valparaiso, Chile1967-08-01Brisbane, Australia
    Chief: Warren, Bruce (WHOI)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905151 
    ELT28 1967-03-10Melbourne, Australia1967-05-18Valparaiso, Chile
    Chief: Warren, Bruce (WHOI)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905150 
    ELT27 1966-12-31Wellington, New Zealand1967-02-28Melbourne, Australia
    Chief: Llano, George (USAP)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905149 
    ELT26 1966-11-29Wellington, New Zealand1966-12-19Wellington, New Zealand
    Chief: Vartzckos, Nicholas (USAP)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905148 
    ELT25 1966-09-25Valparaiso, Chile1966-11-20Wellington, New Zealand
    Chief: Crary, Albert (USAP)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905147 
    ELT24 1966-07-09Auckland, New Zealand1966-09-09Valparaiso, Chile
    Chief: Austin, William (USAP)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905146 
    ELT23 1966-04-01Punta Arenas, Chile1966-05-29Auckland, New Zealand
    Chief: Roberts, Charles (USAP)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905145 
    ELT22 1966-01-19Punta Arenas, Chile1966-03-17Punta Arenas, Chile
    Chief: Wells, Harry (EPA)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905144 
    ELT21 1965-11-23Valparaiso, Chile1966-01-07Punta Arenas, Chile
    Chief: Toney, George (USAP)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905143 
    ELT20 1965-09-14Auckland, New Zealand1965-11-12Valparaiso, Chile
    Chief: Crary, Albert (USAP)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905142 
    ELT19 1965-07-06Talcahuano, Chile1965-09-03Auckland, New Zealand
    Chief: Dawson, Merle (USAP)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905141 
    ELT18 1965-05-25Valparaiso, Chile1965-06-16Talcahuano, Chile
    Chief: Dawson, Merle (USAP)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905140 
    ELT17 1965-03-12Wellington, New Zealand1965-05-13Valparaiso, Chile
    Chief: Dawson, Merle (USAP)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905139 
    ELT16 1965-01-28Auckland, New Zealand1965-02-25Wellington, New Zealand
    Chief: Smith, Philip (Glasgow)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905138 
    ELT15 1964-10-01Valparaiso, Chile1964-12-03Auckland, New Zealand
    Chief: Toney, George (USAP)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905137 
    ELT14 1964-07-29Wellington, New Zealand1964-09-19Valparaiso, Chile
    Chief: Mason, Robert (USAP)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905136 
    ELT13 1964-05-13Valparaiso, Chile1964-07-13Wellington, New Zealand
    Chief: Moulton, Kendall (USAP)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905135 
    ELT11 1963-12-17Valparaiso, Chile1964-02-21Valparaiso, Chile
    Chief: Smith, Philip (Glasgow)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905133 
    ELT10 1963-10-07Valparaiso, Chile1963-12-06Valparaiso, Chile
    Chief: Mason, Robert (USAP)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905132 
    ELT09 1963-08-02Talcahuano, Chile1963-09-27Valparaiso, Chile
    Chief: Colson, John (USAP)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905131 
    ELT08 1963-04-02Montevideo, Uruguay1963-06-19Talcahuano, Chile
    Chief: Seelig, Walter (USAP)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905130 
    ELT12 1963-03-03Valparaiso, Chile1964-04-30Valparaiso, Chile
    Chief: Moulton, Kendall (USAP)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905134 
    ELT07 1963-02-04Punta Arenas, Chile1963-03-18Montevideo, Uruguay
    Chief: Llano, George (USAP)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905129 
    ELT06 1962-11-24Valparaiso, Chile1963-01-23Punta Arenas, Chile
    Chief: Llano, George (USAP)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905128 
    ELT05 1962-09-14Valparaiso, Chile1962-11-14Valparaiso, Chile
    Chief: Toney, George (USAP)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905127 
    ELT04 1962-07-07Valparaiso, Chile1962-08-31Valparaiso, Chile
    Chief: Toney, George (USAP)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905126 
    ELT03 1962-05-28New York, New York1962-06-27Valparaiso, Chile
    Chief: Toney, George (USAP)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905125 
    ELT02 1962-03-16New York, New York1962-04-16New York, New York
    Chief: Crowell, John (USAP)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905124 
    ELT01 1962-02-27New York, New York1962-03-09New York, New York
    Chief: Crary, Albert (USAP)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905123 
    (61 cruises)