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Cruise Catalog: Falkor


    Operator: Schmidt Ocean Institute 

    Cruise ID
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    Start DateStart PortEnd DateEnd Port
    FK181005 2018-10-05San Francisco, California2018-10-21San Diego, California
    Project: Characterizing Venting and Seepage along the California Coast
    Chief: Girguis, Peter (Harvard)
    FK180824 2018-08-24Astoria, Oregon2018-09-20San Francisco, California
    Project: Hunting Bubbles: Understanding Plumes of Seafloor Methane
    Chief: Michel, Anna (WHOI)
    FK180731 2018-07-31Astoria, Oregon2018-08-16Astoria, Oregon
    Project: Adaptive Robotics at Barkley Canyon and Hydrate Ridge
    Chief: Thornton, Blair (US)
    FK180722 2018-07-22San Diego, California2018-07-26Astoria, Oregon
    Project: The Seeping Cascadia Margin (Info)
    Chief: Merle, Susan (OSU)
    FK180624 2018-06-24San Diego, California2018-07-15San Diego, California
    Project: Solving Microbial Mysteries (Info)
    Chief: Babbin, Andrew (UW)
    FK180528 2018-05-28San Diego, California2018-06-17San Diego, California
    Project: Exploring Fronts with Multiple Robots (Info)
    Chief: Borges de Sousa, Joao (UP)
    FK180420 2018-04-20Honolulu, Hawaii2018-05-19San Diego, California
    Project: Voyage to the White Shark Café (Info)
    Chief: Block, Barbara (Stanford)
    FK180415 2018-04-14Honolulu, Hawaii2018-04-18Honolulu, Hawaii
    Project: Transit
    Chief: Duncan, Paul (SOI)
    FK180310 2018-03-10Honolulu, Hawaii2018-04-10Honolulu, Hawaii
    Project: Eddy Exploration and Ecosystem Dynamics (Info)
    Chief: Wilson, Samuel (Hawaii)
    FK180119 2018-01-20Honolulu, Hawaii2018-02-07Honolulu, Hawaii
    Project: Coordinated Robotics Part 2: ʻAuʻAu Channel (Info)
    Chief: Pizarro, Oscar (Sydney)
    FK171224 2017-12-23Apia, Samoa2018-01-09Honolulu, Hawaii
    Project: Filling in the Gaps: Mapping Ellice Basin
    Chief: Taylor, Brian (Hawaii)
    FK171110 2017-11-10Apia, Samoa2017-12-17Apia, Samoa
    Project: Underwater Fire: Studying the Submarine Volcanoes of Tonga
    Chief: Rubin, Kenneth (Hawaii)
    FK171005 2017-10-05Honolulu, Hawaii2017-11-02Apia, Samoa
    Project: Discovering Deep Sea Corals of the Phoenix Islands
    Chief: Cordes, Erik (Temple)
    FK170825 2017-08-17Honolulu, Hawaii2017-09-27Honolulu, Hawaii
    Project: Unraveling Ancient Sea Level Secrets
    Chief: Rubin, Kenneth (Hawaii)
    FK170612 2017-06-12Astoria, Oregon2017-06-16Astoria, Oregon
    Project: ROV SuBastian Testing & Training
    FK170602 2017-06-03Portland, Oregon2017-06-08Astoria, Oregon
    Project: Science System and Sonar Checkup
    FK170124 2017-01-24Honolulu, Hawaii2017-02-20Portland, Oregon
    Project: Sea to Space Particle Investigation (Info)
    Chief: Cetinić, Ivona (GSFC)
    FK161229 2016-12-29Apra, Guam2017-01-16Honolulu, Hawaii
    Project: Eyes Below the Surface: Mapping Johnston Atoll (Info)
    Chief: Smith, John R. Jr. (Hawaii)
    FK161129 2016-11-29Apra, Guam2016-12-20Apra, Guam
    Project: Searching for Life in the Mariana Back-Arc (Info)
    Chief: Butterfield, David (PMEL)
    FK161010 2016-10-10Darwin, Australia2016-11-09Apra, Guam
    Project: Study of the Sea-Surface Microlayer and Air-Sea Boundary (Info)
    Chief: Wurl, Oliver (Oldenburg)
    FK160924 2016-09-24Nha Trang, Viet Nam2016-10-04Darwin, Australia
    Project: Transit
    FK160823 2016-08-23Apra, Guam2016-08-31Nha Trang, Viet Nam
    Project: Transit
    FK160719 2016-07-19Apra, Guam2016-08-04Apra, Guam
    Project: ROV SuBastian Trials (Info)
    FK160623 2016-06-23Nha Trang, Viet Nam2016-07-01Apra, Guam
    Project: Transit
    FK160603 2016-06-03Nha Trang, Viet Nam2016-06-21Nha Trang, Viet Nam
    Project: A Changing River: Measuring Nutrient Fluxes to the South China Sea (Info)
    Chief: Montoya, Joseph (GaTech)
    FK160511 2016-05-10Suva, Fiji2016-05-29Nha Trang, Viet Nam
    Project: Transit
    FK160407 2016-04-07Suva, Fiji2016-05-05Suva, Fiji
    Project: Ecosystem Dynamics of Hydrothermal Vent Communities (Info)
    Chief: Girguis, Peter (Harvard), Leg 1
    Chief: Fisher, Charles (PSU), Leg 2
    FK160320 2016-03-20Suva, Fiji2016-04-01Suva, Fiji
    Project: Virtual Vents: The Changing Face of Hydrothermalism Revealed (Info)
    Chief: Kwasnitschka, Tom (IFM-GEOMAR)
    FK160305 2016-03-05Papeete, French Polynesia2016-03-14Suva, Fiji
    Project: Transit
    FK160115 2016-01-16Honolulu, Hawaii2016-02-11Papeete, French Polynesia
    Project: Using Proteomics to Understand Oxygen Minimum Zones (ProteOMZ) (Info)
    Chief: Saito, Mak (WHOI)
    FK151221 2015-12-21Apra, Guam2016-01-05Honolulu, Hawaii
    Project: Transit
    FK151121 2015-11-21Apra, Guam2015-12-17Apra, Guam
    Project: Hydrothermal Hunt at Mariana (Info)
    Chief: Resing, Joseph (PMEL)
    FK151005 2015-10-05Honolulu, Hawaii2015-11-10Apra, Guam
    Project: Magnetic Anomalies of the World's Largest Volcano (Info)
    Chief: Sager, William (Houston)
    FK150728 2015-07-28Majuro, Marshall Islands2015-08-19Honolulu, Hawaii
    Project: MIXing in the Equatorial Thermocline (MIXET) (Info)
    Chief: Richards, Kelvin (Hawaii)
    FK150707 2015-07-07Singapore, Singapore2015-07-25Majuro, Marshall Islands
    Project: Transit
    FK150523 2015-05-23Singapore, Singapore2015-06-22Padang, Indonesia
    Project: Mentawai Gap-Tsunami Earthquake Risk Assessment (MEGA-TERA) (Info)
    Chief: Singh, Satish (IPGP)
    FK150410 2015-04-10Broome, Australia2015-05-04Darwin, Australia
    Project: Timor Sea Reef Connections (Info)
    Chief: Ivey, Gregory (UWA)
    FK150324 2015-03-24Broome, Australia2015-04-06Broome, Australia
    Project: Coordinated Robotics at Scott Reef (Info)
    Chief: Pizarro, Oscar (Sydney)
    FK150301 2015-03-01Henderson, Australia2015-03-12Henderson, Australia
    Project: Perth Canyon: First Deep Exploration (Info)
    Chief: McCulloch, Malcolm (UWA)
    FK150117 2015-01-17Hobart, Australia2015-02-13Hobart, Australia
    Project: Tracking the Tasman Sea's Hidden Tide (Info)
    Chief: Waterhouse, Amy (SIO)
    FK141223 2014-12-23Apra, Guam2014-12-29Noumea, New Caledonia
    Project: Transit
    FK141215 2014-12-15Apra, Guam2014-12-21Apra, Guam
    Project: Expanding Mariana Trench Perspectives (Info)
    Chief: Bartlett, Douglas (SIO)
    FK141109 2014-11-09Apra, Guam2014-12-09Apra, Guam
    Project: Exploring the Mariana Trench (Info)
    Chief: Drazen, Jeffrey (Hawaii)
    FK141015 2014-10-15Pohnpei, Micronesia2014-11-03Apra, Guam
    Project: The Mysteries of Ontong Java (Info)
    Chief: Coffin, Millard (UTAS)
    FK140926 2014-09-26Alameda, California2014-10-10Pohnpei, Micronesia
    Project: Transit
    FK140922 2014-09-22Alameda, California2014-09-24Alameda, California
    Project: Sea Trials
    FK140625 2014-06-25Honolulu, Hawaii2014-07-07Honolulu, Hawaii
    Project: The Iron Eaters of Loihi Seamount (Info)
    Chief: Glazer, Brian (Hawaii)
    FK140613 2014-06-13Honolulu, Hawaii2014-06-19Honolulu, Hawaii
    Project: Net Gains at Station ALOHA (Info)
    Chief: Goetze, Erica (Hawaii)
    FK140502 2014-05-02Honolulu, Hawaii2014-06-06Honolulu, Hawaii
    Project: Papahanaumokuakea Monument, Leg 2 (Info)
    Chief: Kelley, Christopher (Hawaii)
    FK140420 2014-04-20Honolulu, Hawaii2014-04-24Honolulu, Hawaii
    Project: Deeper Views, Leg B (Mixing It Up) (Info)
    Chief: Carter, Glenn (Hawaii)
    FK140418 2014-04-18Honolulu, Hawaii2014-04-20Honolulu, Hawaii
    Project: Deeper Views, Leg A (Hidden Structure) (Info)
    Chief: Dunn, Robert (Hawaii)
    FK140307 2014-03-07Honolulu, Hawaii2014-04-11Honolulu, Hawaii
    Project: Papahanaumokuakea Monument, Leg 1 (Info)
    Chief: Kelley, Christopher (Hawaii)
    FK140216 2014-02-16Honolulu, Hawaii2014-02-22Honolulu, Hawaii
    Project: The Secret Lives of Whales (Info)
    Chief: Copeland, Adrienne (Hawaii)
    FK140204 2014-02-04Honolulu, Hawaii2014-02-08Honolulu, Hawaii
    Project: Shakedown/Equipment Testing
    FK010 2013-09-22Victoria, Canada2013-10-05Victoria, Canada
    Project: Subseafloor Life 2013: Axial Seamount (Info)
    Chief: Huber, Julie (MBL)
    FK009B 2013-09-04Victoria, Canada2013-09-19Victoria, Canada
    Project: Open Ocean to Inner Sea, Leg 2 (Info)
    Chief: Juniper, S. Kim (UVic)
    FK009A 2013-08-16Victoria, Canada2013-08-30Victoria, Canada
    Project: Open Ocean to Inner Sea, Leg 1 (Info)
    Chief: Dewey, Richard (UVic)
    FK008T 2013-07-09Montego Bay, Jamaica2013-07-11Victoria, Canada
    Project: Mapping Roatan's Spectacular Deep Reefs (Info)
    Chief: Etnoyer, Peter (NCCOS)
    FK008 2013-05-30St. Petersburg, Florida2013-06-30Montego Bay, Jamaica
    Project: OASES 2013: Hydrothermal Exploration of the Mid-Cayman Rise (Info)
    Chief: German, Christopher (WHOI)
    FK007 2013-03-09Miami, Florida2013-03-29St. Petersburg, Florida
    Project: Imaging the K-T Impact Structure-Campeche Escarpment (Info)
    Chief: Paull, Charles (MBARI)
    FK006C 2012-12-05Pascagoula, Mississippi2012-12-15Miami, Florida
    Project: Shakedown/ROV Dives
    FK006B 2012-11-06Pascagoula, Mississippi2012-11-28Pascagoula, Mississippi
    Project: Ecosystem Impacts of Oil and Gas Inputs to the Gulf (ECOGIG) (Info)
    Chief: MacDonald, Ian (FSU), Leg 1
    Chief: Fisher, Charles (PSU), Leg 2
    FK006A 2012-10-28Corpus Christi, Texas2012-11-01Pascagoula, Mississippi
    Project: Transit
    FK005C 2012-10-08Corpus Christi, Texas2012-10-20Corpus Christi, Texas
    Project: Sustainability of Reef Fishes and Causes of Harmful Algal Blooms (Info)
    Chief: Stunz, Greg (TAMU)
    FK005B 2012-09-17Corpus Christi, Texas2012-09-29Corpus Christi, Texas
    Project: Coralgal Reefs of South Texas (CARSTX) (Info)
    Chief: Shirley, Thomas (TAMU)
    FK004E 2012-08-27St. Petersburg, Florida2012-09-01Pascagoula, Mississippi
    Project: Deep-Sea Coral Shakedown (Info)
    Chief: Etnoyer, Peter (NCCOS)
    FK004D 2012-08-14Baltimore, Maryland2012-08-19St. Petersburg, Florida
    Project: Transit
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