Cruise Catalog: MV1206


    Operator: Scripps Institution of OceanographyCruise DOI: 10.7284/903827
    Vessel (retired): Melville
    Cruise IDStart DateStart PortEnd DateEnd Port
    MV12062012-05-04Valparaiso, Chile2012-05-18Valparaiso, Chile
    Project: The 2010 Maule, Chile Earthquake: Project Evaluating Prism Post-Earthquake Response (Chile-PEPPER) (Info )
          File Manifest
    Underway Data Sets (original field data)
    NOTE: The data set inventory below may not be complete. Please Contact R2R with questions or requests.
    Device TypeMake-Model [Location]FilesDOIQuality
    adcpHawaii UHDAS List(submitted to NCEI)
    expendableprobeSippican MK21 List10.7284/109726NCEILink
    gnssAshtech ADU2 List10.7284/109727 viewR2RLink
    gnssFuruno GP-150 List10.7284/109724 viewR2RLink
    gravimeterBell BGM-3 List10.7284/109729R2RLink
    gyrocompassSGB Meridian List10.7284/110189R2RLink
    insCodaOctopus F-185 List10.7284/114661R2RLink
    insTSS TSS Orion List10.7284/110188R2RLink
    magnetometerMarine Magnetics SeaSPY List10.7284/109728 viewR2RLink
    metstationSIO MET-System List10.7284/115494R2RLink
    multibeamKongsberg EM122 List10.7284/109723 viewNCEILink
    tsgSea-Bird SBE-45 List10.7284/110106R2RLink
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