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Cruise Catalog: Marcus G. Langseth


    Operator: Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory

    Cruise ID
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    Start DateStart PortEnd DateEnd Port
    MGL1806 2018-09-11Honolulu, Hawaii2018-10-21Honolulu, Hawaii
    Project: Hawaii Emperor Seamount Phase 1
    Chief: Dunn, Robert (LDEO)
    MGL1804 2018-03-23Dunedin, New Zealand2018-04-09Honolulu, Hawaii
    Project: Transit
    Chief: Landow, Mark (LDEO)
    MGL1803 2018-02-19Dunedin, New Zealand2018-03-20Dunedin, New Zealand
    Project: SISIE
    Chief: Gurnis, Michael (Caltech)
    MGL1801 2018-01-03Napier, New Zealand2018-02-11Napier, New Zealand
    Project: Hikurangi 3D (Info)
    Chief: Bangs, Nathan (UTIG)
    MGL1708 2017-10-30Auckland, New Zealand2017-12-09Tauranga, New Zealand
    Project: SHIRE (Info)
    Chief: Bangs, Nathan (UTIG)
    MGL1707 2017-09-26Honolulu, Hawaii2017-10-11Auckland, New Zealand
    Project: Transit
    MGL1706 2017-09-06Honolulu, Hawaii2017-09-08Honolulu, Hawaii
    Project: NSF Inspection
    MGL1705 2017-08-28Honolulu, Hawaii2017-08-31Honolulu, Hawaii
    Project: Hawaiian arch survey (OBS recovery)
    Chief: Moore, Gregory (Hawaii)
    MGL1704 2017-05-27Honolulu, Hawaii2017-06-13Honolulu, Hawaii
    Project: Gradients (Info)
    Chief: Armbrust, E. Virginia (UW)
    MGL1703 2017-04-11Puerto Montt, Chile2017-05-06Honolulu, Hawaii
    Project: Transit
    MGL1702 2017-03-07Valparaiso, Chile2017-03-09Puerto Montt, Chile
    Project: Transit
    MGL1701 2017-01-10Valparaiso, Chile2017-02-18Valparaiso, Chile
    Project: Crustal Experiment from Valdivia to Illapel to Characterize Huge Earthquakes (CEVICHE)
    Chief: Bangs, Nathan (UTIG)
    MGL1610 2016-10-23Arica, Chile2016-12-09Arica, Chile
    Project: Pisagua/Iquique Crustal Tomography to Understand the Region of the Earthquake Source (PICTURES) (Info)
    Chief: Tréhu, Anne (OSU)
    MGL1609 2016-10-06Tampa, Florida2016-10-21Arica, Chile
    Project: Transit
    MGL1608 2016-08-13Tampa, Florida2016-10-05Tampa, Florida
    Project: Drydock
    MGL1607 2016-08-06Fort Schuyler, New York2016-08-12Tampa, Florida
    Project: Transit
    MGL1606 2016-05-21Fort Schuyler, New York2016-08-05Fort Schuyler, New York
    Project: Maintenance/Outreach/Inspection
    MGL1605 2016-05-17Jacksonville, Florida2016-05-20Fort Schuyler, New York
    Project: Transit
    MGL1604 2016-04-10Jacksonville, Florida2016-05-16Jacksonville, Florida
    Project: Maintenance
    MGL1603 2016-03-28Porto Grande, Cape Verde2016-04-09Jacksonville, Florida
    Project: Transit
    MGL1602 2016-03-01Porto Grande, Cape Verde2016-03-25Porto Grande, Cape Verde
    Project: Passive Imaging of the Lithosphere-Asthenosphere Boundary (PI-LAB) (Info)
    Chief: Harmon, Nicholas (NOCS)
    MGL1601 2016-01-04Porto Grande, Cape Verde2016-02-25Porto Grande, Cape Verde
    Project: Crustal Reflectivity Experiment Southern Transect (CREST) (Info)
    Chief: Reece, Robert (TAMU)
    MGL1522 2015-12-19Iraklion, Greece2015-12-31Porto Grande, Cape Verde
    Project: Transit
    MGL1521 2015-11-18Piraievs, Greece2015-12-16Iraklion, Greece
    Project: Plumbing Reservoirs Of The Earth Under Santorini (PROTEUS) (Info)
    Chief: Hooft, Emilie (Oregon)
    MGL1520 2015-10-24Brooklyn, New York2015-11-13Piraievs, Greece
    Project: Transit
    MGL1519 2015-10-20Brooklyn, New York2015-10-23Brooklyn, New York
    Project: Maintenance
    MGL1518 2015-10-17Brooklyn, New York2015-10-19Brooklyn, New York
    Project: SEAL/MCS Shakedown
    MGL1517 2015-10-01Brooklyn, New York2015-10-16Brooklyn, New York
    Project: Maintenance
    MGL1516 2015-09-30Woods Hole, Massachusetts2015-09-30Brooklyn, New York
    Project: Transit
    MGL1515 2015-09-16Woods Hole, Massachusetts2015-09-29Woods Hole, Massachusetts
    Project: Maintenance
    MGL1514 2015-09-03Woods Hole, Massachusetts2015-09-14Woods Hole, Massachusetts
    Project: Electromagnetic Survey of Freshwater Resources Beneath the US Atlantic Continental Shelf
    Chief: Key, Kerry (SIO)
    MGL1513 2015-08-30Woods Hole, Massachusetts2015-08-31Woods Hole, Massachusetts
    Project: Maintenance
    MGL1512 2015-07-30New York, New York2015-08-28Woods Hole, Massachusetts
    Project: U.S. Extended Continental Shelf (ECS) Survey: Atlantic Margin (Info)
    Chief: Calder, Brian (CCOM)
    MGL1511 2015-07-09New York, New York2015-07-28New York, New York
    Project: Maintenance
    MGL1510 2015-06-01New York, New York2015-07-06New York, New York
    Project: New Jersey Shelf-Slope 3-D Seismic Survey
    Chief: Mountain, Gregory (Rutgers)
    MGL1509 2015-05-22New York, New York2015-05-28New York, New York
    Project: 3-D MCS Mobilization
    MGL1508 2015-05-19New York, New York2015-05-21New York, New York
    Project: NSF Inspection
    MGL1507 2015-05-05New York, New York2015-05-18New York, New York
    Project: Maintenance
    MGL1506 2015-04-10Charleston, South Carolina2015-05-02New York, New York
    Project: U.S. Extended Continental Shelf (ECS) Survey: Atlantic Margin (Info)
    Chief: Hutchinson, Deborah (USGS)
    MGL1505 2015-04-07Charleston, South Carolina2015-04-07Charleston, South Carolina
    Project: Maintenance
    MGL1504 2015-04-06Jacksonville, Florida2015-04-06Charleston, South Carolina
    Project: Transit
    MGL1503 2015-03-06Jacksonville, Florida2015-04-05Jacksonville, Florida
    Project: Maintenance
    MGL1502 2015-03-02Woods Hole, Massachusetts2015-03-05Jacksonville, Florida
    Project: Transit
    MGL1501 2014-12-17Woods Hole, Massachusetts2015-03-01Woods Hole, Massachusetts
    Project: Maintenance
    MGL1411 2014-11-08Woods Hole, Massachusetts2014-12-16Woods Hole, Massachusetts
    Project: Maintenance
    MGL1410 2014-11-05Norfolk, Virginia2014-11-07Woods Hole, Massachusetts
    Project: Transit
    MGL1409 2014-10-25Norfolk, Virginia2014-10-26Newport, Rhode Island
    Project: Transit
    MGL1408 2014-09-15Norfolk, Virginia2014-10-22Norfolk, Virginia
    Project: Eastern North American Margin (ENAM) Community Seismic Experiment (Info)
    Chief: Shillington, Donna (LDEO)
    MGL1407 2014-08-21Brooklyn, New York2014-09-13Norfolk, Virginia
    Project: U.S. Extended Continental Shelf (ECS) Survey: Atlantic Margin (Info)
    Chief: Hutchinson, Deborah (USGS)
    MGL1406 2014-08-07Brooklyn, New York2014-08-13Newark, New Jersey
    Project: Transit/Shakedown
    MGL1405 2014-07-01Fort Schuyler, New York2014-07-23Brooklyn, New York
    Project: New Jersey Shelf-Slope 3-D Seismic Survey
    Chief: Mountain, Gregory (Rutgers)
    MGL1404 2014-06-24Charleston, South Carolina2014-06-26Fort Schuyler, New York
    Project: Transit/Shakedown
    MGL1403 2014-02-11Charleston, South Carolina2014-06-22Charleston, South Carolina
    Project: Maintenance/Drydock
    MGL1402 2014-02-04Newport, Rhode Island2014-02-10Charleston, South Carolina
    Project: Transit
    MGL1313 2013-11-07Newport, Rhode Island2014-02-03Newport, Rhode Island
    Project: Maintenance
    MGL1312 2013-11-06Woods Hole, Massachusetts2013-11-06Newport, Rhode Island
    Project: Transit
    MGL1311 2013-09-28Woods Hole, Massachusetts2013-11-05Woods Hole, Massachusetts
    Project: Maintenance
    MGL1310 2013-09-17Reykjavik, Iceland2013-09-27Woods Hole, Massachusetts
    Project: Transit
    MGL1309 2013-08-13Reykjavik, Iceland2013-09-15Reykjavik, Iceland
    Project: North Atlantic Seafloor Spreading Geometry Reorganization (Info)
    Chief: Hey, Richard (Hawaii)
    MGL1308 2013-08-03Vigo, Spain2013-08-11Reykjavik, Iceland
    Project: Transit
    MGL1307 2013-05-30Vigo, Spain2013-08-02Vigo, Spain
    Project: Seismic Study of the Galicia S Detachment (Info)
    Chief: Sawyer, Dale (Rice)
    MGL1306 2013-05-22Ponta Delgada, Portugal2013-05-28Vigo, Spain
    Project: Transit
    MGL1305 2013-04-11St. George's, Bermuda2013-05-19Ponta Delgada, Portugal
    Project: MARINER: Seismic Investigation of the Rainbow Hydrothermal Field (Info)
    Chief: Canales, Juan Pablo (WHOI)
    MGL1304 2013-03-31Galveston, Texas2013-04-08St. George's, Bermuda
    Project: Transit
    MGL1303 2013-03-25Galveston, Texas2013-03-28Galveston, Texas
    Project: Equipment Testing
    MGL1302 2013-02-27Newport, Oregon2013-03-21Galveston, Texas
    Project: Transit
    MGL1301 2012-11-26Newport, Oregon2013-02-26Newport, Oregon
    Project: Maintenance
    MGL1218 2012-11-25Astoria, Oregon2012-11-25Newport, Oregon
    Project: Transit
    MGL1217 2012-08-28Astoria, Oregon2012-11-25Astoria, Oregon
    Project: Maintenance
    MGL1216 2012-08-16Astoria, Oregon2012-08-26Astoria, Oregon
    Project: NOAA New Millennium Observatory (NeMO) 2012 (Info)
    Chief: Butterfield, David (PMEL)
    MGL1215 2012-08-02Astoria, Oregon2012-08-11Astoria, Oregon
    Project: Maintenance
    MGL1214 2012-07-31Astoria, Oregon2012-08-01Astoria, Oregon
    Project: NSF Inspection/Multibeam Trials
    Chief: Ferrini, Vicki (LDEO)
    MGL1213 2012-07-25Astoria, Oregon2012-07-30Astoria, Oregon
    Project: Maintenance
    MGL1212 2012-07-12Astoria, Oregon2012-07-23Astoria, Oregon
    Project: Cascadia Open-Access Seismic Transects (COAST) (Info)
    Chief: Holbrook, W. Steven (Wyoming)
    MGL1211 2012-06-11Astoria, Oregon2012-07-08Astoria, Oregon
    Project: Evolution and Hydration of the Juan de Fuca Crust and Uppermost Mantle
    Chief: Carbotte, Suzanne (LDEO)
    MGL1210 2012-06-08Astoria, Oregon2012-06-09Astoria, Oregon
    Project: Coring Demobilization
    Chief: Rupert, Jeffrey (LDEO)
    MGL1209 2012-05-29Honolulu, Hawaii2012-06-07Astoria, Oregon
    Project: Transit
    MGL1208 2012-04-30Honolulu, Hawaii2012-05-26Honolulu, Hawaii
    Project: Coring the Line Islands Ridge for Paleoceanographic Research (Info)
    Chief: Lynch-Stieglitz, Jean (GaTech)
    MGL1207 2012-04-18Honolulu, Hawaii2012-04-30Honolulu, Hawaii
    Project: Coring Mobilization
    Chief: Rupert, Jeffrey (LDEO)
    MGL1206 2012-03-24Apra, Guam2012-04-16Honolulu, Hawaii
    Project: Geophysical Constraints on Mechanisms of Ocean Plateau Formation from Shatsky Rise
    Chief: Korenaga, Jun (Yale)
    MGL1205 2012-03-04Apra, Guam2012-03-21Apra, Guam
    Project: Mantle Serpentinization and Water Cycling Through the Mariana Trench and Forearc, Leg 2
    Chief: Miller, Nathaniel (MIT)
    MGL1204 2012-02-02Apra, Guam2012-02-29Apra, Guam
    Project: Mantle Serpentinization and Water Cycling Through the Mariana Trench and Forearc, Leg 1
    Chief: Lizarralde, Daniel (WHOI), Leg *
    Chief: Miller, Nathaniel (MIT), Leg *
    MGL1203 2012-01-25Apra, Guam2012-01-31Apra, Guam
    Project: Maintenance
    MGL1202 2012-01-09Honolulu, Hawaii2012-01-24Apra, Guam
    Project: Transit
    MGL1201 2012-01-01Honolulu, Hawaii2012-01-08Honolulu, Hawaii
    Project: Maintenance
    MGL1115 2011-11-26Honolulu, Hawaii2011-12-29Honolulu, Hawaii
    Project: Structure and Evolution of the Oceanic Lithosphere/Asthenosphere System (NoMELT) (Info)
    Chief: Gaherty, James (LDEO)
    MGL1114 2011-10-23Honolulu, Hawaii2011-11-25Honolulu, Hawaii
    Project: Maintenance
    MGL1113 2011-10-13Dutch Harbor, Alaska2011-10-21Honolulu, Hawaii
    Project: Transit
    Chief: Cutchin, David (SIO)
    MGL1112 2011-09-06Dutch Harbor, Alaska2011-10-10Dutch Harbor, Alaska
    Project: Plate Boundaries Around the Chukchi Borderland (Info)
    Chief: Coakley, Bernard (UAF)
    MGL1111 2011-08-07Dutch Harbor, Alaska2011-09-04Dutch Harbor, Alaska
    Project: U.S. Extended Continental Shelf (ECS) Survey: Bering Sea (Info)
    Chief: Barth, Ginger (USGS)
    MGL1110 2011-06-29Kodiak, Alaska2011-08-05Dutch Harbor, Alaska
    Project: Alaska Langseth Experiment to Understand the megaThrust (ALEUT) (Info)
    Chief: Shillington, Donna (LDEO)
    MGL1109 2011-06-06Kodiak, Alaska2011-06-26Kodiak, Alaska
    Project: U.S. Extended Continental Shelf (ECS) Survey: Gulf of Alaska (Info)
    Chief: Barth, Ginger (USGS)
    MGL1108 2011-05-26San Diego, California2011-06-05Kodiak, Alaska
    Project: Transit
    MGL1107 2011-05-13Puerto Caldera, Costa Rica2011-05-23San Diego, California
    Project: Transit
    MGL1106 2011-04-09Puerto Caldera, Costa Rica2011-05-12Puerto Caldera, Costa Rica
    Project: Costa Rica 3D Seismic Imaging Project (CRISP) (Info)
    Chief: Bangs, Nathan (UTIG)
    MGL1105 2011-03-27San Diego, California2011-04-05Puerto Caldera, Costa Rica
    Project: Transit
    MGL1104 2011-03-08San Diego, California2011-03-13San Diego, California
    Project: NSF Inspection/MCS Shakedown
    MGL1103 2011-02-08San Diego, California2011-02-10San Diego, California
    Project: DP/ADCP Calibration
    MGL1102 2011-02-04San Francisco, California2011-02-07San Diego, California
    Project: Transit/Acoustic Testing
    MGL1101 2011-01-02San Diego, California2011-01-04San Francisco, California
    Project: Transit
    MGL1005 2010-09-22Honolulu, Hawaii2010-10-02San Diego, California
    Project: Transit
    MGL1004 2010-07-15Honolulu, Hawaii2010-09-14Honolulu, Hawaii
    Project: Geophysical Constraints on Mechanisms of Ocean Plateau Formation from Shatsky Rise
    Chief: Korenaga, Jun (Yale)
    MGL1003 2010-06-21Honolulu, Hawaii2010-06-23Honolulu, Hawaii
    Project: Maintenance/Shakedown
    MGL1002 2010-05-07Astoria, Oregon2010-05-22Honolulu, Hawaii
    Project: Transit/Inspection, Multibeam Sea Acceptance Test, Engine Testing
    Chief: Diebold, John (LDEO)
    MGL1001 2010-05-05Portland, Oregon2010-05-05Astoria, Oregon
    Project: Transit
    MGL0910 2009-08-22Astoria, Oregon2009-09-19Astoria, Oregon
    Project: Endeavour Seismic Tomography Experiment (ETOMO) (Info)
    Chief: Toomey, Douglas (Oregon)
    MGL0909 2009-07-27Kao-hsiung, Taiwan2009-08-17Astoria, Oregon
    Project: Transit
    MGL0908 2009-06-16Kao-hsiung, Taiwan2009-07-25Kao-hsiung, Taiwan
    Project: TAiwan Integrated GEodynamics Research (TAIGER)-Extension Leg 2 (Info)
    Co-Chiefs: Hsu, Shu-Kun (NTU); McIntosh, Kirk (UTIG)
    MGL0907 2009-06-07Kao-hsiung, Taiwan2009-06-14Kao-hsiung, Taiwan
    Project: TAiwan Integrated GEodynamics Research (TAIGER)-OBS Recovery (Info)
    Chief: Nakamura, Yosio (UTIG)
    MGL0906 2009-05-04Kao-hsiung, Taiwan2009-06-04Kao-hsiung, Taiwan
    Project: TAiwan Integrated GEodynamics Research (TAIGER)-Main Program (Info)
    Chief: McIntosh, Kirk (UTIG)
    MGL0905 2009-04-01Kao-hsiung, Taiwan2009-04-29Kao-hsiung, Taiwan
    Project: TAiwan Integrated GEodynamics Research (TAIGER)-Extension Leg 1 (Info)
    Co-Chiefs: Liu, Char-Shine (NTU); Wu, Francis (Binghamton)
    MGL0904 2009-03-11Suva, Fiji2009-03-28Kao-hsiung, Taiwan
    Project: Transit
    MGL0903 2009-01-24Nuku'alofa, Tonga2009-03-08Suva, Fiji
    Project: Crustal Accretion and Mantle Processes Along the Subduction-Influenced East Lau Spreading Center
    Chief: Dunn, Robert (Hawaii)
    MGL0902 2009-01-13Nuku'alofa, Tonga2009-01-21Nuku'alofa, Tonga
    Project: Lau Basin Autonomous Underwater Hydrophone Network (Info)
    Chief: Bohnenstiehl, DelWayne (NCSU)
    MGL0901 2009-01-07Pago Pago, American Samoa2009-01-12Nuku'alofa, Tonga
    Project: Transit/EM122 Sea Trials/Mooring
    MGL0814 2008-09-10Astoria, Oregon2008-10-06Astoria, Oregon
    Project: ST. Elias Erosion/Tectonics Project (STEEP) (Info)
    Chief: Gulick, Sean (UTIG)
    MGL0813 2008-08-24Manzanillo, Mexico2008-09-02Astoria, Oregon
    Project: Transit
    MGL0812 2008-06-29Manzanillo, Mexico2008-08-21Manzanillo, Mexico
    Project: 3-D/4-D Seismic Imaging of the Magmatic-Hydrothermal System at East Pacific Rise 9-50N (Info)
    Chief: Mutter, John (LDEO)
    MGL0811 2008-06-22San Diego, California2008-06-27Manzanillo, Mexico
    Project: Transit
    MGL0810 2008-05-17San Diego, California2008-06-02San Diego, California
    Project: Seismic Shakedown
    Chief: Diebold, John (LDEO)
    MGL0809 2008-05-12Manzanillo, Mexico2008-05-17San Diego, California
    Project: Transit
    MGL0808 2008-04-24Puerto Caldera, Costa Rica2008-05-11Manzanillo, Mexico
    Project: Quebrada-Discovery-Gofar (QDG) Transform Fault Experiment, Leg 2 (Active Source)
    Chief: McGuire, Jeffrey (WHOI)
    MGL0807 2008-03-19Puerto Caldera, Costa Rica2008-04-16Puerto Caldera, Costa Rica
    Project: Transects to Investigate the Composition and Origin of the Central American Volcanic Arc (TICO-CAVA), Leg 3
    Chief: Holbrook, W. Steven (Wyoming)
    MGL0805 2008-03-11Puerto Limon, Costa Rica2008-03-19Puerto Caldera, Costa Rica
    Project: Transit
    MGL0804 2008-02-16Puerto Limon, Costa Rica2008-03-09Puerto Limon, Costa Rica
    Project: Transects to Investigate the Composition and Origin of the Central American Volcanic Arc (TICO-CAVA), Leg 1
    Chief: Holbrook, W. Steven (Wyoming)
    MGL0803 2008-02-09Galveston, Texas2008-02-15Puerto Limon, Costa Rica
    Project: Transit
    MGL0802 2008-01-27Galveston, Texas2008-02-05Galveston, Texas
    Project: Seismic Deep Calibration
    Chief: Tolstoy, Maria (LDEO)
    MGL0801 2008-01-03Galveston, Texas2008-01-24Galveston, Texas
    Project: Seismic 3D Test
    Chief: Diebold, John (LDEO)
    MGL0707 2007-12-17Galveston, Texas2007-12-22Galveston, Texas
    Project: Seismic Shallow Calibration
    Chief: Diebold, John (LDEO)
    MGL0706 2007-11-21Galveston, Texas2007-12-06Galveston, Texas
    Project: Shakedown
    Chief: Diebold, John (LDEO)
    MGL0705 2007-11-08Galveston, Texas2007-11-08Galveston, Texas
    Project: NSF Inspection
    MGL0704 2007-10-21Galveston, Texas2007-10-25Galveston, Texas
    Project: Multibeam Sea Acceptance Test
    Chief: Diebold, John (LDEO)
    MGL0703 2007-10-03Galveston, Texas2007-10-03Galveston, Texas
    Project: USCG Inspection
    MGL0702 2007-09-24Galveston, Texas2007-09-28Galveston, Texas
    Project: DP Calibration
    MGL0701 2007-03-04Shelburne, Canada2007-03-14Galveston, Texas
    Project: Transit/Shipyard
    (135 cruises)