Cruise Catalog: Maurice Ewing


    Operator: Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory

    Cruise ID
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    Start DateStart PortEnd DateEnd Port
    EW0501 2005-01-07Colon, Panama2005-02-13Puntarenas, Costa Rica
    Project: 3D Tomographic Imaging of the Chicxulub Crater (Info)
    Chief: Gulick, Sean (UTIG)
    EW0412 2004-11-21Puntarenas, Costa Rica2004-12-22Balboa, Panama
    Project: Effects of Eustatic and Tectonic Forcing on Development of Forearc Basin Sequence Stratigraphy
    Chief: Fulthorpe, Craig (UTIG)
    EW0411 2004-11-09San Diego, California2004-11-19Puntarenas, Costa Rica
    Project: Transit
    EW0410 2004-10-20Astoria, Oregon2004-11-03San Diego, California
    Project: Correlation of Seismic Structure with Observed Outcrop Geology: Hess Deep and Blanco Transform
    Chief: Christeson, Gail (UTIG)
    EW0409 2004-09-28Kodiak, Alaska2004-10-14Astoria, Oregon
    Project: Fisheries-Oceanography Coordinated Investigations (FOCI) (Info)
    Chief: Kachel, Nancy (PMEL), Leg A
    Chief: Floering, William (PMEL), Leg B
    EW0408 2004-08-22Newport, Oregon2004-09-23Kodiak, Alaska
    Project: Establishing Quaternary Climate/Terrestrial/Oceanic Linkages in Southern Alaska
    Chief: Mix, Alan (OSU)
    EW0407 2004-08-07San Diego, California2004-08-18Newport, Oregon
    Project: Shallow-Depth Multibeam Survey of the Eastern Santa Barbara Channel
    Chief: Dartnell, Peter (USGS)
    EW0406 2004-06-22Tampa, Florida2004-07-09San Diego, California
    Project: Transit
    EW0405 2004-06-06San Juan, Puerto Rico2004-06-09Tampa, Florida
    Project: Transit
    EW0404 2004-04-18San Juan, Puerto Rico2004-06-03San Juan, Puerto Rico
    Project: Broadband Ocean-Land Investigation of Venezuela and the Antilles arc Region (BOLIVAR) (Info)
    Chief: Sawyer, Dale (Rice)
    EW0403 2004-04-07Mobile, Alabama2004-04-13San Juan, Puerto Rico
    Project: Transit
    EW0402 2004-02-27Progreso, Mexico2004-03-01Gulfport, Mississippi
    Project: Transit
    EW0401 2004-02-20Norfolk, Virginia2004-02-26Progreso, Mexico
    Project: Transit
    EW0310 2003-11-14St. George's, Bermuda2003-11-20Port Newark, New Jersey
    Project: Test for a Chemical Component to the Uplift of Midplate Swells
    Chief: McNutt, Marcia (MBARI)
    EW0309 2003-10-22Bridgetown, Barbados2003-11-09St. George's, Bermuda
    Project: Seismicity, Structure, and Fluid Flow of the TAG Hydrothermal System
    Chief: Canales, Juan Pablo (WHOI)
    EW0308 2003-10-02Bergen, Norway2003-10-18Bridgetown, Barbados
    Project: Transit
    EW0307 2003-08-29Bergen, Norway2003-09-26Bergen, Norway
    Project: Methane Release in Submarine Landslides: Storegga Slide, Offshore Norway
    Chief: Holbrook, W. Steven (Wyoming)
    EW0306 2003-08-01Balboa, Panama2003-08-19Bergen, Norway
    Project: Transit
    EW0305 2003-07-03Balboa, Panama2003-07-28Balboa, Panama
    Project: Correlation of Seismic Structure with Observed Outcrop Geology: Hess Deep and Blanco Transform
    Chief: Christeson, Gail (UTIG)
    EW0304 2003-06-27Galveston, Texas2003-07-03Balboa, Panama
    Project: Transit
    EW0303 2003-05-27Gulfport, Mississippi2003-06-24Galveston, Texas
    Project: Toward a Better Understanding of Man-Made Acoustics Sources and Whales
    Chief: Diebold, John (LDEO)
    EW0302 2003-05-16San Juan, Puerto Rico2003-05-22Gulfport, Mississippi
    Project: Transit
    EW0301 2003-04-13Norfolk, Virginia2003-05-10San Juan, Puerto Rico
    Project: Hydroacoustic Monitoring of Seismicity in the North Atlantic
    Chief: Haxel, Joseph (PMEL)
    EW0213 2002-11-21Balboa, Panama2002-11-28Norfolk, Virginia
    Project: Transit
    EW0212 2002-11-17Puntarenas, Costa Rica2002-11-20Balboa, Panama
    Project: Hydrologic Controls on the Initial State of the Incoming Plate: Costa Rica (Info)
    Chief: Tryon, Michael (SIO)
    EW0211 2002-11-08Manzanillo, Mexico2002-11-14Puntarenas, Costa Rica
    Project: Transit
    Chief: Neenan, Diann (LDEO)
    EW0210 2002-09-16San Diego, California2002-10-30Manzanillo, Mexico
    Project: Premier Experiment, Sea of Cortez, Addressing the Development of Oblique Rifting (PESCADOR)
    Chief: Lizarralde, Daniel (GaTech)
    EW0209 2002-09-08Newport, Oregon2002-09-11San Diego, California
    Project: Transit
    EW0208 2002-08-12Newport, Oregon2002-09-06Newport, Oregon
    Project: Shear Wave Studies of Hydrate Ridge, Oregon Continental Margin
    Chief: Bangs, Nathan (UTIG)
    EW0207 2002-07-08Astoria, Oregon2002-08-07Newport, Oregon
    Project: A MCS Investigation to Study Axial Crustal Structure and Alteration of Upper Crust at the Juan de Fuca Spreading Center
    Chief: Carbotte, Suzanne (LDEO)
    EW0206 2002-06-14Kodiak, Alaska2002-07-02Astoria, Oregon
    Project: Fisheries-Oceanography Coordinated Investigations (FOCI) (Info)
    Chief: Stalin, Scott (PMEL)
    EW0205 2002-05-25Dutch Harbor, Alaska2002-06-10Kodiak, Alaska
    Project: Fisheries-Oceanography Coordinated Investigations (FOCI) (Info)
    Chief: Kachel, Nancy (PMEL), Leg A
    Chief: Kachel, Nancy (PMEL), Leg B
    EW0204 2002-04-26Apra, Guam2002-05-08Dutch Harbor, Alaska
    Project: Transit/Testing
    Chief: Chayes, Dale (LDEO)
    EW0203 2002-03-31Apra, Guam2002-04-24Apra, Guam
    Project: Multi-Scale Seismic Imaging of the Mariana Subduction Factory (Info)
    Chief: Klemperer, Simon (Stanford)
    EW0202 2002-02-24Apra, Guam2002-03-25Apra, Guam
    Project: Multi-Scale Seismic Imaging of the Mariana Subduction Factory (Info)
    Chief: Taylor, Brian (Hawaii)
    EW0201 2002-01-31Hobart, Australia2002-02-14Apra, Guam
    Project: Transit/Testing
    Chief: Chayes, Dale (LDEO)
    EW0114 2001-12-07Fremantle, Australia2002-01-24Hobart, Australia
    Project: The Effects of Changes in Mantle Temperature on Melt Supply and Crustal Accretion
    Chief: Cochran, James (LDEO)
    EW0113 2001-10-29Fremantle, Australia2001-12-01Fremantle, Australia
    Project: Determining How Hotspot Proximity Affects Tectonic, Magmatic and Stratigraphic Development of Conjugate Margin
    Chief: Driscoll, Neal (SIO)
    EW0112 2001-10-06Victoria, Seychelles2001-10-22Fremantle, Australia
    Project: Acoustic Testing in the Indian Ocean
    Chief: Blackman, Donna (SIO)
    EW0111 2001-09-13Djibouti, Djibouti2001-09-20Victoria, Seychelles
    Project: Transit
    Chief: Taylor, Brian (Hawaii)
    EW0110 2001-08-20Djibouti, Djibouti2001-09-11Djibouti, Djibouti
    Project: Red Sea Outflow Experiment (REDSOX) (Info)
    Chief: Bower, Amy (WHOI)
    EW0109 2001-08-04Piraievs, Greece2001-08-18Halab, Egypt
    Project: Physical Oceanography in the Red Sea
    Chief: Sofianos, Sarantis (Athens)
    EW0108 2001-07-23Patrai, Greece2001-08-01Piraievs, Greece
    Project: Deep Seismic Imaging of Active Continental Extension in the Gulf of Corinth
    Chief: Taylor, Brian (Hawaii)
    EW0107 2001-07-03St. George's, Bermuda2001-07-20Patrai, Greece
    Project: Transit
    EW0106 2001-05-31San Juan, Puerto Rico2001-06-29St. George's, Bermuda
    Project: Oceanic Upper Mantle Structure from Very Large Offset Seismic Refraction Experiments
    Chief: Lizarralde, Daniel (GaTech)
    EW0105 2001-05-20Balboa, Panama2001-05-29San Juan, Puerto Rico
    Project: Transit/Hydrosweep DS-2 Upgrade
    Chief: Chayes, Dale (LDEO)
    EW0104 2001-04-15Balboa, Panama2001-05-18Balboa, Panama
    Project: TicoFlux I: The Thermal State of 20-25 Ma Lithosphere Subducting at the Costa Rica Margin
    Chief: Fisher, Andrew (UCSC)
    EW0103 2001-04-07San Juan, Puerto Rico2001-04-12Balboa, Panama
    Project: Transit
    EW0102 2001-03-10Charleston, South Carolina2001-04-05San Juan, Puerto Rico
    Project: Multichannel Seismic Investigation of Velocity Structure of Megamullions on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge
    Chief: Tucholke, Brian (WHOI)
    EW0101 2001-02-09Tampa, Florida2001-02-20Charleston, South Carolina
    Project: Littoral Warfare Advanced Development (LWAD) Experiment
    Chief: Hanson, Jeff (ONR)
    EW0008 2000-09-02Port Newark, New Jersey2000-10-17Norfolk, Virginia
    Project: Three-Dimensional Structure and Physical Properties of a Methane Hydrate Deposit and Methane Gas Reservoir, Blake Ridge
    Chief: Holbrook, W. Steven (Wyoming)
    EW0007 2000-07-14St. John's, Canada2000-08-17Port Newark, New Jersey
    Project: Studies of Continental Rifting and Extension on the Eastern Canadian Shelf (SCREECH)
    Chief: Tucholke, Brian (WHOI)
    EW0006 2000-06-30Balboa, Panama2000-07-13St. John's, Canada
    Project: Transit
    EW0005 2000-05-23Puntarenas, Costa Rica2000-06-27Balboa, Panama
    Project: Structure of the Nicaragua/Costa Rica Subduction Zone: A Framework for the Subduction Factory and Seismogenic Zone Initiatives (Info)
    Chief: McIntosh, Kirk (UTIG)
    EW0004 2000-04-01Puntarenas, Costa Rica2000-05-20Puerto Caldera, Costa Rica
    Project: Galapagos Plume Ridge Interaction Multi-disciplinary Experiment (G-PRIME) (Info)
    Chief: Sinton, John (Hawaii)
    EW0003 2000-03-02Suva, Fiji2000-03-26Puntarenas, Costa Rica
    Project: Transit
    EW0002 2000-02-05Lyttelton, New Zealand2000-02-28Suva, Fiji
    Project: Natural Seismicity Investigation of Active Continental Breakup in the Western Woodlark Basin
    Chief: Taylor, Brian (Hawaii)
    EW0001 2000-01-09Lyttelton, New Zealand2000-01-28Lyttelton, New Zealand
    Project: Global and Local Controls on Depositional Cyclicity: The Canterbury Basin, New Zealand
    Chief: Fulthorpe, Craig (UTIG)
    EW9914 1999-12-10Suva, Fiji1999-12-28Lyttelton, New Zealand
    Project: A MCS Survey of the Lau Spreading Center: A New Look into Crustal Accretion at Back Arc Spreading Centers
    Chief: Harding, Alistair (SIO)
    EW9913 1999-12-02Townsville, Australia1999-12-10Suva, Fiji
    Project: A MCS Survey of the Lau Spreading Center: A New Look into Crustal Accretion at Back Arc Spreading Centers
    Chief: Harding, Alistair (SIO)
    EW9912 1999-10-27Townsville, Australia1999-11-28Townsville, Australia
    Project: Nitrogen Fixation as a Source of New Nitrogen in the Oligotrophic Tropical Oceans
    Chief: Capone, Douglas (USC)
    EW9911 1999-09-18Lae, Papua New Guinea1999-10-21Townsville, Australia
    Project: Geothermal Study of Continental Rifting in the Woodlark Basin
    Chief: Martinez, Fernando (LDEO)
    EW9910 1999-08-30Agana, Guam1999-09-15Lae, Papua New Guinea
    Project: Natural Seismicity Investigation of Active Continental Breakup in the Western Woodlark Basin
    Chief: Mutter, John (LDEO)
    EW9909 1999-08-21Yokohama, Japan1999-08-27Agana, Guam
    Project: Transit
    Chief: Diebold, John (LDEO)
    EW9908 1999-07-21Kochi, Japan1999-08-17Yokohama, Japan
    Project: A 3-D Seismic Investigation of the Sediment-to-Rock Transition and Its Relationship to Nankai Subduction Thrust Seismicity (Info)
    Chief: Bangs, Nathan (UTIG)
    EW9907 1999-06-18Yokohama, Japan1999-07-19Kochi, Japan
    Project: A 3-D Seismic Investigation of the Sediment-to-Rock Transition and Its Relationship to Nankai Subduction Thrust Seismicity (Info)
    Chief: Bangs, Nathan (UTIG)
    EW9906 1999-05-27Newport, Oregon1999-06-13Yokohama, Japan
    Project: Transit
    Chief: Bangs, Nathan (UTIG)
    EW9905 1999-05-05Newport, Oregon1999-05-19Newport, Oregon
    Project: Origin and Tectonic Development of the Gorda Escarpment
    Chief: Tréhu, Anne (OSU)
    EW9904 1999-04-17San Diego, California1999-05-03Newport, Oregon
    Project: Active Seismic Imaging of Axial Volcano
    Chief: Tolstoy, Maria (LDEO)
    EW9903 1999-03-10Cristobal, Panama1999-04-12San Diego, California
    Project: Structure of Oceanic Crust Formed at 200 mm/yr. Spreading Rate
    Chief: Harding, Alistair (SIO)
    EW9902 1999-02-28Bridgetown, Barbados1999-03-05Cristobal, Panama
    Project: Transit
    EW9901 1999-01-30Norfolk, Virginia1999-02-24Bridgetown, Barbados
    Project: Long Term Monitoring of Seismicity at the Mid-Atlantic Ridge Using Autonomous Underwater Hydrophones
    Chief: Smith, Deborah K. (WHOI)
    EW9809 1998-10-15Norfolk, Virginia1998-10-16Norfolk, Virginia
    Project: Chesapeake Bay Survey
    Chief: Foster, David (USGS)
    EW9808 1998-09-24Halifax, Canada1998-10-09Norfolk, Virginia
    Project: Western Geophysical Job Number 0173-9A-012
    Chief: Heallen, Robert (WesternGeco)
    EW9807 1998-08-13Halifax, Canada1998-09-21Halifax, Canada
    Project: Western Geophysical Job Number 0173-9A-012
    Chief: Manderfeld, David (WesternGeco)
    EW9806 1998-06-30Halifax, Canada1998-08-11Halifax, Canada
    Project: Western Geophysical Job Number 0173-9A-012
    Chief: Heallen, Robert (WesternGeco)
    EW9805 1998-05-20Halifax, Canada1998-06-30Halifax, Canada
    Project: Western Geophysical Job Number 0173-9A-012
    Chief: Manderfeld, David (WesternGeco)
    EW9804 1998-05-17Norfolk, Virginia1998-05-20Halifax, Canada
    Project: Transit
    EW9803 1998-03-15Bridgetown, Barbados1998-04-06Norfolk, Virginia
    Project: Structure, Tectonics and Sediment Flow into the Lesser Antilles Subduction Zone
    Chief: Bangs, Nathan (UTIG)
    EW9802 1998-02-16Honolulu, Hawaii1998-03-14Bridgetown, Barbados
    Project: Transit
    EW9801 1998-01-26Honolulu, Hawaii1998-02-12Honolulu, Hawaii
    Project: Seismic Reflection Study of Active Landsliding Processes on the Flank of Kilauea Volcano, Hawaii
    Chief: Moore, Gregory (Hawaii)
    EW9709 1997-12-12San Diego, California1998-01-17Honolulu, Hawaii
    Project: A Paleogene Equatorial Pacific Transect
    Chief: Moore, Theodore (Michigan)
    EW9708 1997-11-06Manzanillo, Mexico1997-12-04San Diego, California
    Project: Constraining Mantle Flow, Melt Supply, and Lower Crustal Structure Between the Clipperton and Siqueiros Fracture Zones (UNDERSHOOT) (Info)
    Chief: Toomey, Douglas (Oregon)
    EW9707 1997-09-08Balboa, Panama1997-10-24Manzanillo, Mexico
    Project: Anatomy of a Ridge Axis Discontinuity (ARAD)
    Chief: Kent, Graham (SIO)
    EW9706 1997-08-20Lisbon, Portugal1997-09-05Cristobal, Panama
    Project: Transit
    EW9705 1997-07-10Ponta Delgada, Portugal1997-08-15Lisbon, Portugal
    Project: The S Reflector and Rifting Processes: Iberia Abyssal Plain/Galicia Bank
    Chief: Sawyer, Dale (Rice)
    EW9704 1997-06-01Jacksonville, Florida1997-07-05Lisbon, Portugal
    Project: Shallow Crustal Structure at a Slow Spreading Ridge
    Chief: Collins, John (WHOI)
    EW9703 1997-05-19Port Canaveral, Florida1997-05-26Jacksonville, Florida
    Project: A Study of Continental Shelf and Slope Stability Along the U.S. East Coast
    Chief: White, Randy (NAVO)
    EW9702 1997-05-03Savannah, Georgia1997-05-17Port Canaveral, Florida
    Project: A Study of Continental Shelf and Slope Stability Along the U.S. East Coast
    Chief: Turcotte, James (NAVO)
    EW9701B 1997-04-18Port Newark, New Jersey1997-04-30Savannah, Georgia
    Project: A Study of Continental Shelf and Slope Stability Along the U.S. East Coast
    Chief: Turcotte, James (NAVO)
    EW9701A 1997-03-31Tampa, Florida1997-04-06Port Newark, New Jersey
    Project: Transit
    EW9609 1996-11-23St. George's, Bermuda1996-11-30Tampa, Florida
    Project: Transit
    EW9608 1996-10-14St. John's, Canada1996-11-21St. George's, Bermuda
    Project: A Seismic Tomography Study of Mantle Bouguer Anomalies and Crustal Thickness Variations at the Mid-Atlantic Ridge
    Chief: Detrick, Robert (WHOI)
    EW9607 1996-08-24St. John's, Canada1996-10-07St. John's, Canada
    Project: Seismic Investigation of the Greenland Margin (SIGMA) (Info)
    Chief: Holbrook, W. Steven (WHOI)
    EW9606 1996-07-11San Juan, Puerto Rico1996-08-17St. John's, Canada
    Project: Off-Axis Structure of Oceanic Crust Within Ridge Segments and at Intervening Small Non-Transform/Offsets
    Chief: Tucholke, Brian (WHOI)
    EW9605 1996-06-15San Juan, Puerto Rico1996-07-07San Juan, Puerto Rico
    Project: Time-Transgressive Deformational Effects of Oblique Underthrusting of Aseismic Ridges on the Puerto Rico Trench and Island Slope
    Chief: Appelgate, Bruce (Hawaii)
    EW9603 1996-05-15Papeete, French Polynesia1996-06-01Balboa, Panama
    Project: Transit
    EW9602 1996-03-23Lyttelton, New Zealand1996-05-11Papeete, French Polynesia
    Project: Investigation of Volcanic Underplating in the Austral Islands
    Chief: McNutt, Marcia (MIT)
    EW9601 1996-02-07Lyttelton, New Zealand1996-03-13Lyttelton, New Zealand
    Project: South Island Geophysical Investigation (SIGHT) (Info)
    Chief: Henyey, Thomas (USC)
    EW9513 1995-12-28Auckland, New Zealand1996-02-02Lyttelton, New Zealand
    Project: Early Tertiary Tectonic Evolution of the Pacific-Australia-Antarctic Plate Circuit
    Chief: Cande, Steven (LDEO)
    EW9512 1995-11-23Suva, Fiji1995-12-23Auckland, New Zealand
    Project: Controlled Source Electromagnetic and Seismic Investigation of the Valu Fa Ridge (Info)
    Chief: Sinha, Martin (Cambridge)
    EW9511 1995-10-16Honiara, Solomon Islands1995-11-18Suva, Fiji
    Project: U.S.-Japan Marine Geophysical Study of the Solomon Island Arc-Ontong Java Plateau Convergent Zone
    Chief: Mann, Paul (UTIG)
    EW9510 1995-09-28Kao-hsiung, Taiwan1995-10-15Honiara, Solomon Islands
    Project: Propagating Rifts and Spreading Centers into Continents: The Woodlark Basin
    Chief: Taylor, Brian (Hawaii)
    EW9509 1995-08-23Keelung, Taiwan1995-09-24Kao-hsiung, Taiwan
    Project: TAICRUST: U.S.-ROC Deep Seismic Imaging Study of the Taiwan Arc-Continent Collision
    Chief: Reed, Donald (SJSU)
    EW9508 1995-08-03Honolulu, Hawaii1995-08-20Keelung, Taiwan
    Project: Transit
    EW9507 1995-07-28Honolulu, Hawaii1995-08-02Honolulu, Hawaii
    Project: Hawaii Ocean Timeseries (HOT), Cruise 64 (Info)
    Chief: Tupas, Luis (Hawaii)
    EW9506 1995-07-19San Francisco, California1995-07-26Honolulu, Hawaii
    Project: Transit
    EW9505 1995-06-10Eureka, California1995-07-08San Francisco, California
    Project: The Fine-Scale Hydrogeology and Geochemistry of the Areas of Active Venting in Middle Valley
    Chief: Fisher, Andrew (UCSC)
    EW9504 1995-05-17San Diego, California1995-06-07Eureka, California
    Project: Late Pleistocene Climate-Induced Fluctuations in the California Current
    Chief: Lyle, Mitchell (Boise State)
    EW9503 1995-05-01Manzanillo, Mexico1995-05-14San Diego, California
    Project: Seismic Study of the Shallowest, Most Robust East Pacific Rise
    Chief: Carbotte, Suzanne (LDEO)
    EW9502 1995-03-27Balboa, Panama1995-04-27Manzanillo, Mexico
    Project: TICOSECT: Investigation of Upper Plate Response to Subducting Plate Morphology and Seamounts as Subduction Zone Asperities (Info)
    Chief: McIntosh, Kirk (UTIG)
    EW9501 1995-02-16Tampa, Florida1995-03-21Cristobal, Panama
    Project: Mesozoic Crustal Development of the Caribbean Region
    Chief: Diebold, John (LDEO)
    EW9417 1994-11-27Balboa, Panama1994-12-08Tampa, Florida
    Project: Neogene Segmentation of a Carbonate Megaplatform by Strike-Slip and Related Extension Tectonics
    Chief: Droxler, André (Rice)
    EW9416 1994-10-24San Diego, California1994-11-26Balboa, Panama
    Project: A Seismic Experiment at Hole 504B: Correlation of Geologic and Seismic Structure
    Chief: Detrick, Robert (WHOI)
    EW9415 1994-10-13Long Beach, California1994-10-21San Diego, California
    Project: Los Angeles Region Seismic Experiment (LARSE)
    Chief: Brocher, Thomas (USGS)
    EW9414 1994-10-03Coos Bay, Oregon1994-10-10Long Beach, California
    Project: Onshore-Offshore Wide-Angle Seismic Recording Near Cape Blanco, Oregon
    Chief: Clarke, Samuel (USGS)
    EW9413 1994-09-24Prince Rupert, Canada1994-10-01Coos Bay, Oregon
    Project: Systematic Variations in Crustal Thickness in Young Pacific Crust
    Chief: Diebold, John (LDEO)
    EW9412 1994-09-12Prince Rupert, Canada1994-09-22Prince Rupert, Canada
    Project: ACCRETE: An Integrated Study of Continental Growth at a Convergent-to-Transpressive Plate Margin (Pilot Study)
    Chief: Diebold, John (LDEO)
    EW9411 1994-09-03Dutch Harbor, Alaska1994-09-07Prince Rupert, Canada
    Project: Transit
    EW9410 1994-08-06Dutch Harbor, Alaska1994-09-01Dutch Harbor, Alaska
    Project: Crustal Evolution of the Bering Shelf-Chukchi Sea
    Chief: Klemperer, Simon (Stanford)
    EW9409 1994-07-06Dutch Harbor, Alaska1994-08-03Dutch Harbor, Alaska
    Project: Pacific to Bering Shelf Deep Seismic Reflection Experiment
    Chief: McGeary, Susan (UDel)
    EW9408 1994-06-27Eureka, California1994-07-05Dutch Harbor, Alaska
    Project: Transit
    EW9407 1994-06-11San Francisco, California1994-06-25Eureka, California
    Project: Lithospheric Evolution in Response to Triple Junction Migration
    Chief: Meltzer, Anne (Lehigh)
    EW9406 1994-06-02San Diego, California1994-06-04San Francisco, California
    Project: Transit
    EW9405 1994-04-15Cristobal, Panama1994-05-20San Diego, California
    Project: The Internal Structure of the Clipperton Fracture Zone
    Chief: Orcutt, John (SIO)
    EW9404 1994-04-09Bridgetown, Barbados1994-04-14Cristobal, Panama
    Project: Transit
    Chief: Orcutt, John (SIO)
    EW9403 1994-03-21Cayenne, French Guiana1994-03-27Fort-de-France, France
    Project: Determining the Utility of Planktonic Foraminifera as Proxy Indicators for Reconstructing Tropical Atlantic Surface Water Hydrography
    Chief: Sautter, Leslie (Charleston)
    EW9402 1994-02-17Salvador, Brazil1994-03-21Cayenne, French Guiana
    Project: CIrculation THERmocline (CITHER) II, Leg 2
    Chief: Memery, Laurent (IFREMER)
    EW9401 1994-01-04Montevideo, Uruguay1994-02-13Salvador, Brazil
    Project: CIrculation THERmocline (CITHER) II, Leg 1
    Chief: Memery, Laurent (IFREMER)
    EW9309 1993-11-20Cape Town, South Africa1993-12-27Montevideo, Uruguay
    Project: Rock Dredging and Geochemistry of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge from 41 S to 51 S
    Chief: Schilling, Jean-Guy (URI)
    EW9308 1993-10-24Cape Town, South Africa1993-11-11Cape Town, South Africa
    Project: BEnguela Sources and Transports (BEST), Leg 3 (Info)
    Chief: Garzoli, Silvia (LDEO)
    EW9307 1993-10-06Rio De Janeiro, Brazil1993-10-21Cape Town, South Africa
    Project: WOCE: Moored Measurements on the Rio Grande Rise for the Deep Basin Experiment
    Chief: Worrilow, Scott (WHOI)
    EW9306 1993-09-23Rio De Janeiro, Brazil1993-10-03Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
    Project: Deep Western Boundary Current Measurements in the Brazil Basin
    Chief: Weatherly, Georges (FSU)
    EW9305 1993-08-11Bridgetown, Barbados1993-09-16Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
    Project: Mapping a Cross-Section through Oceanic Lithosphere Exposed by Vertical Tectonics at the Vema Fracture Zone
    Chief: Kastens, Kim (LDEO)
    EW9304 1993-08-01Woods Hole, Massachusetts1993-08-09Bridgetown, Barbados
    Project: Transit
    EW9303 1993-06-26Reykjavik, Iceland1993-07-20Woods Hole, Massachusetts
    Project: The Climatic Record of the North Atlantic
    Chief: Bond, Gerard (LDEO)
    EW9302 1993-05-27Woods Hole, Massachusetts1993-06-21Reykjavik, Iceland
    Project: ODP Site Survey Rockall Plateau and East Flank of Reykjanes Ridge
    Chief: Oppo, Delia (WHOI)
    EW9301 1993-05-16Jacksonville, Florida1993-05-23Woods Hole, Massachusetts
    Project: Transit
    Chief: Hayes, Dennis (LDEO)
    EW9211 1992-11-10St. George's, Bermuda1992-11-17Jacksonville, Florida
    Project: Transit
    Chief: Chayes, Dale (LDEO)
    EW9210 1992-09-29Bridgetown, Barbados1992-11-09St. George's, Bermuda
    Project: A Geophysical Investigation of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge Off Axis
    Chief: Sempéré, Jean-Christophe (UW)
    EW9209 1992-08-23Bridgetown, Barbados1992-09-25Bridgetown, Barbados
    Project: Cenozoic Deep Water History on Ceara Rise
    Chief: Curry, William (WHOI)
    EW9208 1992-07-14San Juan, Puerto Rico1992-08-18Bridgetown, Barbados
    Project: Morphological and Geophysical Investigation of Western North Atlantic Crustal Structure
    Chief: Tucholke, Brian (WHOI)
    EW9207 1992-06-06Bridgetown, Barbados1992-07-06St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands
    Project: Three-Dimensional Seismic Reflection Investigation of Fluid Flow and Structural Evolution: Northern Barbados Ridge
    Chief: Shipley, Thomas (UTIG)
    EW9206 1992-05-27Cristobal, Panama1992-05-31Bridgetown, Barbados
    Project: Transit
    EW9205 1992-05-12Nuku Hiva, French Polynesia1992-05-26Balboa, Panama
    Project: Transit
    EW9204 1992-04-28Papeete, French Polynesia1992-05-10Nuku Hiva, French Polynesia
    Project: Structure of Two Polynesian Volcanic Chains: Marquesas and Societies
    Chief: McNutt, Marcia (MIT)
    EW9203 1992-03-17Gladstone Harbor, Australia1992-04-24Papeete, French Polynesia
    Project: Woodlark-DEntrecasteaux Project
    Chief: Mutter, John (LDEO)
    EW9202 1992-03-06Lyttelton, New Zealand1992-03-14Gladstone Harbor, Australia
    Project: Transit
    EW9201 1992-01-15Lyttelton, New Zealand1992-02-28Lyttelton, New Zealand
    Project: A High Resolution Plate Kinematic Flowline of the Pacific-Antarctic Ridge
    Chief: Cande, Steven (LDEO)
    EW9106 1991-09-21Easter Island, Chile1991-10-31Lyttelton, New Zealand
    Project: Fracture Zone-Hot Spot Interactions Along the Marquesas Fracture Zone
    Chief: McNutt, Marcia (MIT)
    EW9105 1991-08-04Valparaiso, Chile1991-09-17Easter Island, Chile
    Project: A Three-Dimensional Study of Isostasy and Morphology at a Superfast Mid-Ocean Ridge Crest and Flank and Transform
    Chief: Cochran, James (LDEO)
    EW9104 1991-06-16Papeete, French Polynesia1991-07-25Valparaiso, Chile
    Project: Gloria, Sea Beam, Geophysical Investigation of the Juan Fernandez Microplate at the Pacific-Antarctic-Nazca Triple Junction
    Chief: Larson, Roger (URI)
    EW9103 1991-05-12Papeete, French Polynesia1991-06-10Papeete, French Polynesia
    Project: Structure of Two Polynesian Volcanic Chains: Marquesas and Societies
    Chief: McNutt, Marcia (MIT)
    EW9102 1991-03-21Punta Arenas, Chile1991-05-07Papeete, French Polynesia
    Project: Two-Ship Multichannel Seismic Investigation of the East Pacific Rise South of the Garret Fracture Zone
    Chief: Detrick, Robert (URI)
    EW9101 1991-02-01Punta Arenas, Chile1991-03-16Punta Arenas, Chile
    Project: The Bransfield Strait-South Shetland Islands/Trench
    Chief: Austin, James (LDEO)
    EW9011 1990-12-17Recife, Brazil1991-01-25Punta Arenas, Chile
    Project: Ridge Segmentation, Plate Boundary Architecture and Behavior of Non-Rigid Discontinuities Along the MAR in the South Atlantic
    Chief: Fox, P. Jeffrey (URI)
    EW9010 1990-12-01Port Newark, New Jersey1990-12-12Recife, Brazil
    Project: Transit
    EW9009 1990-11-01Port Newark, New Jersey1990-11-21Port Newark, New Jersey
    Project: Geometry and Timing of Upper Oligocene to Miocene Depositional Sequences on the U.S. Middle Atlantic Margin
    Chief: Mountain, Gregory (LDEO)
    EW9008 1990-09-29Bergen, Norway1990-10-26Port Newark, New Jersey
    Project: Sidescan Sonar and Swath Bathymetry Investigation of the Reykjanes Ridge
    Chief: Parson, Lindsay (NOCS)
    EW9007 1990-08-26Bergen, Norway1990-09-23Bergen, Norway
    Project: Geophysical Investigator of the Aegir Ridge and Voring Plateau
    Chief: Chayes, Daniel (NRL)
    EW9006 1990-07-25Reykjavik, Iceland1990-08-22Bergen, Norway
    Project: Geophysical Investigator of the Aegir Ridge and Voring Plateau
    Chief: Fleming, Henry (NRL)
    EW9005 1990-07-19Reykjavik, Iceland1990-07-22Reykjavik, Iceland
    Project: Mooring Recovery
    Chief: Sullivan, Lawrence (LDEO)
    EW9004 1990-07-06Port Newark, New Jersey1990-07-19Reykjavik, Iceland
    Project: Shakedown/Mid-Atlantic Ridge South of Iceland
    Chief: Shor, Alexander (Hawaii)
    EW9003 1990-06-25Port Everglades, Florida1990-07-02Port Newark, New Jersey
    Project: Transit/Shakedown
    Chief: Diebold, John (LDEO)
    EW9002 1990-06-20Miami, Florida1990-06-24Port Everglades, Florida
    Project: Transit/Shakedown
    Chief: Diebold, John (LDEO)
    EW9001 1990-06-13New Orleans, Louisiana1990-06-18Miami, Florida
    Project: Transit/Shakedown
    Chief: Diebold, John (LDEO)
    (166 cruises)