Cruise Catalog: OC1405B


    Operator: Oregon State UniversityCruise DOI: 10.7284/900714
    Vessel: Oceanus
    Cruise IDStart DateStart PortEnd DateEnd Port
    OC1405B2014-05-28Newport, Oregon2014-06-02Newport, Oregon
    Project: NSF Cascadia Initiative, 2014 Leg 2 (Info )
          File Manifest
    Underway Data Sets (original field data)
    NOTE: The data set inventory below may not be complete. Please Contact R2R with questions or requests.
    Device TypeMake-Model [Location]FilesDOIQuality
    anemometerGill WindObserver II [bow] List10.7284/119961R2RLink
    fluorometerWET Labs WETStar List10.7284/119963R2RLink
    gnssAshtech ADU5 [bow] List10.7284/117342 viewR2RLink
    gyrocompassSperry MK-37 List10.7284/119964R2RLink
    hygrometerVaisala HMT300 [bow] List10.7284/119966R2RLink
    ptuVaisala PTU300 [03stb] List10.7284/119965R2RLink
    radiometerBiospherical QSR-2200 [metmast] List10.7284/119968R2RLink
    radiometerRMR Co. PRP [metmast] List10.7284/119967R2RLink
    raingaugeRM Young 50202 [metmast] List10.7284/119969R2RLink
    singlebeamKnudsen 3260 List10.7284/119960 viewR2RLink
    singlebeamKnudsen 3260 (bottomtrack) List10.7284/119962R2RLink
    speedlogFuruno DS-50 [well] List10.7284/119970R2RLink
    thermometerSea-Bird SBE-38 [fwdintake] List10.7284/119971R2RLink
    thermometerSea-Bird SBE-48 [bow] List10.7284/119958R2RLink
    transmissometerWET Labs C-Star List10.7284/119972R2RLink
    tsgSea-Bird SBE-45 List10.7284/119973R2RLink
    Cascadia Initiative (Cascadia)
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