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Cruise Catalog: Robert D. Conrad

  • Operator: Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory

    Cruise ID
    Start DateStart PortEnd DateEnd Port
    RC3005 1989-04-06Piermont, New York1989-04-10Piermont, New York
    Chief: Diebold, John (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905885 
    RC3004 1989-03-16Recife, Brazil1989-04-03Piermont, New York
    Chief: Robinson, Frank (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905884 
    RC3003 1989-02-10Fortaleza, Brazil1989-03-12Recife, Brazil
    Chief: Cherkis, Norman (NRL)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905883 
    RC3002 1989-02-01Bridgetown, Barbados1989-02-08Fortaleza, Brazil
    Chief: Robinson, Frank (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905882 
    RC3001 1989-01-11Ponta Delgada, Portugal1989-01-27Bridgetown, Barbados
    Chief: Detrick, Robert (URI)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905881 
    RC2912 1988-12-02Cadiz, Spain1989-01-05Ponta Delgada, Portugal
    Chief: Sempéré, Jean-Christophe (UW)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905880 
    RC2911 1988-11-02Barcelona, Spain1988-11-29Cadiz, Spain
    Chief: Watts, Anthony (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905879 
    RC2910 1988-10-17Ponta Delgada, Portugal1988-10-23Barcelona, Spain
    Chief: Stennett, Joseph (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905878 
    RC2909 1988-09-15Porto Grande, Cape Verde1988-10-13Ponta Delgada, Portugal
    Chief: Schouten, Hans (WHOI)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905877 
    RC2908 1988-08-12San Juan, Puerto Rico1988-09-12Porto Grande, Cape Verde
    Chief: Tucholke, Brian (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905876 
    RC2907 1988-06-27Bridgetown, Barbados1988-07-27San Juan, Puerto Rico
    Chief: Westbrook, Graham (Birmingham)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905875 
    RC2906 1988-05-31Recife, Brazil1988-06-21Bridgetown, Barbados
    Chief: Katz, Eli (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905874 
    RC2905B 1988-04-29Ascension Island, United Kingdom1988-05-27Recife, Brazil
    Chief: Cherkis, Norman (NRL)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905873 
    RC2905 1988-04-02Rio De Janeiro, Brazil1988-04-28Ascension Island, United Kingdom
    Chief: Fleming, Henry (NRL)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905872 
    RC2904 1988-03-28Buenos Aires, Argentina1988-04-02Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
    Chief: Stennett, Joseph (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905871 
    RC2903 1988-03-04Punta Arenas, Chile1988-03-14Buenos Aires, Argentina
    Chief: Hunley, David (FSU)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905870 
    RC2902 1988-02-14Punta Arenas, Chile1988-02-29Punta Arenas, Chile
    Chief: Austin, James (UTIG)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905869 
    RC2901 1988-01-07Valparaiso, Chile1988-02-10Punta Arenas, Chile
    Chief: Cande, Steven (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905868 
    RC2811 1987-12-10Miami, Florida1988-01-02Valparaiso, Chile
    Chief: Chayes, Dale (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905867 
    RC2810 1987-11-12St. George's, Bermuda1987-12-04Miami, Florida
    Chief: Detrick, Robert (URI)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905866 
    RC2809 1987-11-04Piermont, New York1987-11-09St. George's, Bermuda
    Chief: Mutter, John (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905865 
    RC2808 1987-08-09Bridgetown, Barbados1987-08-18Piermont, New York
    Chief: Chayes, Dale (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905864 
    RC2807 1987-07-24Fortaleza, Brazil1987-08-05Bridgetown, Barbados
    Chief: Maccio, Miguel (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905863 
    RC2806 1987-06-07Recife, Brazil1987-07-21Fortaleza, Brazil
    Chief: Schilling, Jean-Guy (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905862 
    RC2804 1987-04-26Montevideo, Uruguay1987-05-27Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
    Chief: Flood, Roger (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905861 
    RC2803 1987-03-16Montevideo, Uruguay1987-04-19Montevideo, Uruguay
    Chief: Whitworth, Thomas (TAMU)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905860 
    RC2802 1987-02-02Recife, Brazil1987-03-09Montevideo, Uruguay
    Chief: Fox, P. Jeffrey (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905859 
    RC2801 1987-01-06Rio De Janeiro, Brazil1987-01-29Recife, Brazil
    Chief: Katz, Eli (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905858 
    RC2711 1986-12-03Cape Town, South Africa1986-12-30Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
    Chief: Cande, Steven (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905857 
    RC2710 1986-11-14Cape Town, South Africa1986-11-29Cape Town, South Africa
    Chief: Raymond, Carol (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905856 
    RC2709 1986-10-02Port Louis, Mauritius1986-11-06Cape Town, South Africa
    Chief: Dick, Henry (WHOI)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905855 
    RC2708 1986-08-30Fremantle, Australia1986-09-28Port Louis, Mauritius
    Chief: Weissel, Jeffrey (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905854 
    RC2707 1986-08-03Colombo, Sri Lanka1986-08-24Fremantle, Australia
    Chief: Sclater, John (UTIG)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905853 
    RC2706 1986-07-08Colombo, Sri Lanka1986-07-28Colombo, Sri Lanka
    Chief: Weissel, Jeffrey (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905852 
    RC2705 1986-06-20Colombo, Sri Lanka1986-07-04Colombo, Sri Lanka
    Chief: Curray, Joseph (SIO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905851 
    RC2704 1986-05-09Colombo, Sri Lanka1986-06-17Colombo, Sri Lanka
    Chief: Prell, Warren (Brown)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905850 
    RC2703 1986-04-25Port Hedland, Australia1986-05-08Colombo, Sri Lanka
    Chief: Smith, James (Newcastle)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905849 
    RC2702 1986-03-23Broome, Australia1986-04-22Port Hedland, Australia
    Chief: Mutter, John (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905848 
    RC2701 1986-03-14Singapore, Singapore1986-03-22Broome, Australia
    Chief: Diebold, John (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905847 
    RC2614 1985-12-01Hong Kong, China1985-12-29Singapore, Singapore
    Chief: Lewis, Stephen (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905846 
    RC2613 1985-11-18Hong Kong, China1985-11-28Hong Kong, China
    Chief: Diebold, John (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905845 
    RC2612 1985-10-18Hong Kong, China1985-11-16Hong Kong, China
    Chief: Hayes, Dennis (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905844 
    RC2611 1985-09-28Apra, Guam1985-10-11Hong Kong, China
    Chief: Shor, Alexander (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905843 
    RC2610 1985-08-29Honolulu, Hawaii1985-09-26Apra, Guam
    Chief: Shor, Alexander (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905842 
    RC2608 1985-06-24Manzanillo, Mexico1985-08-08Papeete, French Polynesia
    Chief: Weissel, Jeffrey (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905841 
    RC2607 1985-05-22Balboa, Panama1985-06-20Manzanillo, Mexico
    Chief: Detrick, Robert (URI)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905840 
    RC2606 1985-05-07Balboa, Panama1985-05-18Balboa, Panama
    Chief: Brocher, Thomas (WHOI)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905839 
    RC2605 1985-04-04Bridgetown, Barbados1985-05-03Colon, Panama
    Chief: Mauffret, Alain (IFREMER)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905838 
    RC2604 1985-03-20Bridgetown, Barbados1985-04-02Bridgetown, Barbados
    Chief: Westbrook, Graham (Birmingham)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905837 
    RC2603 1985-03-02Bridgetown, Barbados1985-03-17Bridgetown, Barbados
    Chief: Langseth, Marcus (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905836 
    RC2602 1985-02-03Ascension Island, United Kingdom1985-02-26Bridgetown, Barbados
    Chief: Cherkis, Norman (NRL)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905835 
    RC2601 1985-01-10Ascension Island, United Kingdom1985-02-03Ascension Island, United Kingdom
    Chief: Brozena, John (NRL)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905834 
    RC2515 1984-12-27Belem, Brazil1985-01-12Ascension Island, United Kingdom
    Chief: Feden, Robert (NRL)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905833 
    RC2514 1984-11-27Belem, Brazil1984-12-22Belem, Brazil
    Chief: Flood, Roger (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905832 
    RC2512 1984-10-16St. George's, Bermuda1984-11-10San Juan, Puerto Rico
    Chief: Mountain, Gregory (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905831 
    RC2511 1984-09-14St. George's, Bermuda1984-10-12St. George's, Bermuda
    Chief: Detrick, Robert (URI)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905830 
    RC2510 1984-08-11St. John, Canada1984-09-04St. George's, Bermuda
    Chief: Austin, James (UTIG)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905829 
    RC2509 1984-07-22Brest, France1984-08-04St. John, Canada
    Chief: Shor, Alexander (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905828 
    RC2508 1984-07-08Piraievs, Greece1984-07-20Brest, France
    Chief: Buhl, Peter (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905827 
    RC2507 1984-05-24Piraievs, Greece1984-07-03Piraievs, Greece
    Chief: Cochran, James (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905826 
    RC2506 1984-04-21Nice, France1984-05-18Piraievs, Greece
    Chief: Kastens, Kim (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905825 
    RC2505 1984-04-01Barcelona, Spain1984-04-15Nice, France
    Chief: Ryan, William (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905824 
    RC2504 1984-03-15St. George's, Bermuda1984-03-30Barcelona, Spain
    Chief: Smith, James (Newcastle)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905823 
    RC2503 1984-02-26Norfolk, Virginia1984-03-09St. George's, Bermuda
    Chief: Ryan, William (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905822 
    RC2502 1984-02-02New York, New York1984-02-23Norfolk, Virginia
    Chief: Shor, Alexander (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905821 
    RC2501 1984-01-28Boston, Massachusetts1984-01-28New York, New York
    Chief: Shor, Alexander (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905820 
    RC2412 1983-09-08Sandnessjoen, Norway1983-09-23Reykjavik, Iceland
    Chief: Mutter, John (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905819 
    RC2411 1983-08-18Bergen, Norway1983-09-08Sandnessjoen, Norway
    Chief: Mutter, John (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905818 
    RC2410 1983-08-02Halifax, Canada1983-08-14Bergen, Norway
    Chief: Smith, James (Newcastle)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905817 
    RC2409 1983-07-12Quonset Point, Rhode Island1983-07-28Halifax, Canada
    Chief: Ryan, William (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905816 
    RC2408 1983-06-20Woods Hole, Massachusetts1983-07-10Quonset Point, Rhode Island
    Chief: Uchupi, Elazar (WHOI)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905815 
    RC2407 1983-06-05Funchal, Portugal1983-06-18Woods Hole, Massachusetts
    Chief: Smith, James (Newcastle)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905814 
    RC2406 1983-05-17Funchal, Portugal1983-06-03Funchal, Portugal
    Chief: Hayes, Dennis (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905813 
    RC2405 1983-04-27Las Palmas, Spain1983-05-15Funchal, Portugal
    Chief: Mountain, Gregory (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905812 
    RC2404 1983-04-16Abidjan, Cote D'Ivoire1983-04-25Las Palmas, Spain
    Chief: Stennett, Joseph (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905811 
    RC2403 1983-03-14Abidjan, Cote D'Ivoire1983-04-11Abidjan, Cote D'Ivoire
    Chief: McIntyre, Andrew (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905810 
    RC2402 1983-02-20Recife, Brazil1983-03-11Abidjan, Cote D'Ivoire
    Chief: Katz, Eli (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905809 
    RC2401 1983-01-21Tampa, Florida1983-02-17Recife, Brazil
    Chief: Katz, Eli (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905808 
    RC2312 1982-11-29Tampa, Florida1982-12-22Tampa, Florida
    Chief: Shor, Alexander (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905807 
    RC2311 1982-10-25Miami, Florida1982-11-21Tampa, Florida
    Chief: Sheridan, Robert (Rutgers)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905806 
    RC2310 1982-10-15Colon, Panama1982-10-21Miami, Florida
    Chief: Stennett, Joseph (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905805 
    RC2309 1982-09-11Honolulu, Hawaii1982-10-13Balboa, Panama
    Chief: Toole, John (WHOI)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905804 
    RC2308 1982-08-13Honolulu, Hawaii1982-09-07Honolulu, Hawaii
    Chief: Buhl, Peter (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905803 
    RC2307 1982-07-07Guayaquil, Ecuador1982-08-08Honolulu, Hawaii
    Chief: Froelich, Philip (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905802 
    RC2306 1982-06-23Guayaquil, Ecuador1982-07-04Guayaquil, Ecuador
    Chief: Froelich, Philip (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905801 
    RC2305 1982-05-30Callao, Peru1982-06-18Guayaquil, Ecuador
    Chief: Langseth, Marcus (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905800 
    RC2304B 1982-05-12Valparaiso, Chile1982-05-18Callao, Peru
    Chief: Langseth, Marcus (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905799 
    RC2304 1982-04-07Valparaiso, Chile1982-05-09Valparaiso, Chile
    Chief: Cande, Steven (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905798 
    RC2303 1982-03-25Balboa, Panama1982-04-05Valparaiso, Chile
    Chief: Cande, Steven (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905797 
    RC2302 1982-03-15Port Etienne, Mauritania1982-03-21Colon, Panama
    Chief: Cande, Steven (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905796 
    RC2301 1982-03-10Port Etienne, Mauritania1982-03-14Port Etienne, Mauritania
    Chief: Cande, Steven (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905795 
    RC2220 1980-01-31Colon, Panama1980-02-06Tampa, Florida
    Chief: Iltzsche, Martin (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905794 
    RC2219 1980-01-05Balboa, Panama1980-01-22Balboa, Panama
    Chief: Malahoff, Alexander (Hawaii)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905793 
    RC2218 1979-11-18Willemstad, Netherlands Antilles1979-11-21Colon, Panama
    Chief: Roessler, Ralph (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905792 
    RC2217 1979-11-11San Juan, Puerto Rico1979-11-13Willemstad, Netherlands Antilles
    Chief: Roessler, Ralph (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905791 
    RC2216 1979-11-06San Juan, Puerto Rico1979-11-09San Juan, Puerto Rico
    Chief: Gunther, George (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905790 
    RC2215 1979-10-29Fortaleza, Brazil1979-11-06San Juan, Puerto Rico
    Chief: Roessler, Ralph (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905789 
    RC2214 1979-09-30Belem, Brazil1979-10-23Fortaleza, Brazil
    Chief: Katz, Eli (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905788 
    RC2213 1979-09-21Bridgetown, Barbados1979-09-26Belem, Brazil
    Chief: Aitken, Thomas (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905787 
    RC2212 1979-08-15San Juan, Puerto Rico1979-09-18Bridgetown, Barbados
    Chief: Aitken, Thomas (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905786 
    RC2211 1979-08-11St. George's, Bermuda1979-08-15San Juan, Puerto Rico
    Chief: Aitken, Thomas (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905785 
    RC2210 1979-07-22Halifax, Canada1979-08-07St. George's, Bermuda
    Chief: Malone, Mitchell (TAMU)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905784 
    RC2209 1979-07-05St. George's, Bermuda1979-07-18Halifax, Canada
    Chief: Tucholke, Brian (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905783 
    RC2208 1979-06-11St. George's, Bermuda1979-07-02St. George's, Bermuda
    Chief: Biscaye, Pierre (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905782 
    RC2207 1979-05-23Halifax, Canada1979-06-07St. George's, Bermuda
    Chief: Malone, Mitchell (TAMU)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905781 
    RC2206 1979-04-14Colon, Panama1979-04-25Halifax, Canada
    Chief: Hobart, Michael (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905780 
    RC2205 1979-03-31Acapulco, Mexico1979-04-08Balboa, Panama
    Chief: Anderson, Roger N. (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905779 
    RC2204 1979-03-19Manzanillo, Mexico1979-03-29Acapulco, Mexico
    Chief: Windisch, Charles (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905778 
    RC2203 1979-02-23Manzanillo, Mexico1979-03-15Manzanillo, Mexico
    Chief: Ewing, John (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905777 
    RC2202 1979-01-16Manzanillo, Mexico1979-02-18Manzanillo, Mexico
    Chief: Ewing, John (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905776 
    RC2201 1979-01-08Balboa, Panama1979-01-15Manzanillo, Mexico
    Chief: Ewing, John (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905775 
    RC2117 1978-12-16Balboa, Panama1978-12-31Balboa, Panama
    Chief: Langseth, Marcus (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905774 
    RC2116 1978-11-16St. George's, Bermuda1978-12-10Colon, Panama
    Chief: Embley, Robert (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905773 
    RC2115 1978-10-13Bergen, Norway1978-11-10St. George's, Bermuda
    Chief: Houtz, Robert (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905772 
    RC2114 1978-09-10Bergen, Norway1978-10-09Bergen, Norway
    Chief: Diebold, John (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905771 
    RC2113 1978-08-08Bergen, Norway1978-09-07Bergen, Norway
    Chief: Leyden, Robert (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905770 
    RC2112 1978-07-27St. John, Canada1978-08-05Bergen, Norway
    Chief: Aitken, Thomas (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905769 
    RC2111 1978-06-23St. George's, Bermuda1978-07-23St. John, Canada
    Chief: Windisch, Charles (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905768 
    RC2110 1978-06-04Roosevelt Roads, Puerto Rico1978-06-17St. George's, Bermuda
    Chief: Tucholke, Brian (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905767 
    RC2109 1978-05-30Colon, Panama1978-06-03Roosevelt Roads, Puerto Rico
    Chief: Cande, Steven (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905766 
    RC2108 1978-05-10Valparaiso, Chile1978-05-19Balboa, Panama
    Chief: Cande, Steven (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905765 
    RC2107 1978-04-08Punta Arenas, Chile1978-05-07Valparaiso, Chile
    Chief: Cande, Steven (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905764 
    RC2106 1978-03-03Buenos Aires, Argentina1978-04-02Punta Arenas, Chile
    Chief: Ludwig, William (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905763 
    RC2105 1978-01-20Rio De Janeiro, Brazil1978-02-14Buenos Aires, Argentina
    Chief: Langseth, Marcus (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905762 
    RC2104 1977-12-17Bridgetown, Barbados1978-01-16Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
    Chief: Diebold, John (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905761 
    RC2103 1977-11-11La Guaira, Venezuela1977-12-14Bridgetown, Barbados
    Chief: Buhl, Peter (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905760 
    RC2102 1977-10-02St. George's, Bermuda1977-11-06La Guaira, Venezuela
    Chief: Bryan, George (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905759 
    RC2101 1977-09-09New York, New York1977-09-28St. George's, Bermuda
    Chief: Windisch, Charles (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905758 
    RC2012 1977-04-22Colon, Panama1977-05-17New York, New York
    Chief: Bryan, George (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905757 
    RC2011 1977-03-12Honolulu, Hawaii1977-04-18Balboa, Panama
    Chief: Embley, Robert (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905756 
    RC2010 1977-01-29Apra, Guam1977-02-27Honolulu, Hawaii
    Chief: Aitken, Thomas (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905755 
    RC2009 1977-01-05Keelung, Taiwan1977-01-16Apra, Guam
    Chief: Crowell, John (UCSB)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905754 
    RC2008 1976-12-23Apra, Guam1976-12-31Keelung, Taiwan
    Chief: Gerard, Sam (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905753 
    RC2007 1976-12-03Keelung, Taiwan1976-12-16Apra, Guam
    Chief: Anderson, Roger N. (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905752 
    RC2006 1976-10-25Yokohama, Japan1976-11-29Keelung, Taiwan
    Chief: Hayes, Dennis (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905751 
    RC2005 1976-09-25Yokohama, Japan1976-10-18Yokohama, Japan
    Chief: Windisch, Charles (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905750 
    RC2004 1976-08-25Apra, Guam1976-09-19Yokohama, Japan
    Chief: Houtz, Robert (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905749 
    RC2003 1976-07-30Honolulu, Hawaii1976-08-21Apra, Guam
    Chief: Cande, Steven (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905748 
    RC2002 1976-06-10Balboa, Panama1976-07-20Honolulu, Hawaii
    Chief: Ludwig, William (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905747 
    RC2001 1976-05-08New York, New York1976-06-04Colon, Panama
    Chief: Aitken, Thomas (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905746 
    RC1907 1976-02-28San Juan, Puerto Rico1976-03-27New York, New York
    Chief: Embley, Robert (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905745 
    RC1906 1976-01-25New York, New York1976-02-23San Juan, Puerto Rico
    Chief: Tucholke, Brian (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905744 
    RC1905 1976-01-04New York, New York1976-01-21New York, New York
    Chief: Biscaye, Pierre (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905743 
    RC1904 1975-11-23San Juan, Puerto Rico1975-12-21New York, New York
    Chief: Talwani, Manik (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905742 
    RC1903 1975-10-23New York, New York1975-11-18San Juan, Puerto Rico
    Chief: Ewing, John (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905741 
    RC1902 1975-08-14New York, New York1975-08-24New York, New York
    Chief: Carpenter, George (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905740 
    RC1901 1975-07-19New York, New York1975-08-04New York, New York
    Chief: Biscaye, Pierre (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905739 
    RC1806 1975-06-22Colon, Panama1975-07-15New York, New York
    Chief: Flood, Roger (WHOI)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905738 
    RC1805 1975-06-18Colon, Panama1975-06-20Colon, Panama
    Chief: Flood, Roger (WHOI)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905737 
    RC1804 1975-05-16Valparaiso, Chile1975-06-12Balboa, Panama
    Chief: Bryan, George (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905736 
    RC1803 1975-04-15Puerto Montt, Chile1975-05-13Valparaiso, Chile
    Chief: Herron, Ellen (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905735 
    RC1802 1975-03-15Ushuaia, Argentina1975-04-10Puerto Montt, Chile
    Chief: Pitman, Walter (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905734 
    RC1801 1975-02-03Ushuaia, Argentina1975-03-11Ushuaia, Argentina
    Chief: Gordon, Arnold (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905733 
    RC1714 1974-12-22Papeete, French Polynesia1975-01-22Ushuaia, Argentina
    Chief: Cande, Steven (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905732 
    RC1713 1974-11-22Suva, Fiji1974-12-19Papeete, French Polynesia
    Chief: Lancelot, Yves (CNRS)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905731 
    RC1712 1974-10-20Apra, Guam1974-11-18Suva, Fiji
    Chief: Larson, Roger (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905730 
    RC1711 1974-09-16Taipei, Taiwan1974-10-14Apra, Guam
    Chief: Watts, Anthony (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905729 
    RC1710 1974-08-15Singapore, Singapore1974-09-11Taipei, Taiwan
    Chief: Ludwig, William (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905728 
    RC1709 1974-07-27Colombo, Sri Lanka1974-08-11Singapore, Singapore
    Chief: Naini, Bhoopal (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905727 
    RC1708 1974-06-22Mormugao, India1974-07-21Colombo, Sri Lanka
    Chief: Naini, Bhoopal (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905726 
    RC1707 1974-05-17Port Louis, Mauritius1974-06-17Mormugao, India
    Chief: Aitken, Thomas (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905725 
    RC1706 1974-04-17Durban, South Africa1974-05-14Port Louis, Mauritius
    Chief: Be, Allen (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905724 
    RC1705 1974-02-25Cape Town, South Africa1974-04-11Durban, South Africa
    Chief: Jacobs, Stanley (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905723 
    RC1704 1974-01-05Cape Town, South Africa1974-02-19Cape Town, South Africa
    Chief: Jacobs, Stanley (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905722 
    RC1703 1973-12-03Abidjan, Cote D'Ivoire1973-12-31Cape Town, South Africa
    Chief: Rabinowitz, Philip (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905721 
    RC1702 1973-11-01Bridgetown, Barbados1973-11-30Abidjan, Cote D'Ivoire
    Chief: Eittreim, Steven (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905720 
    RC1701 1973-10-09New York, New York1973-10-29Bridgetown, Barbados
    Chief: Aitken, Thomas (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905719 
    RC1613 1973-08-09St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands1973-09-12New York, New York
    Chief: Ewing, Maurice (UTIG)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905718 
    RC1612 1973-07-06Recife, Brazil1973-08-05St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands
    Chief: Bryan, George (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905717 
    RC1611 1973-06-03Rio De Janeiro, Brazil1973-07-03Recife, Brazil
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    RC1610 1973-05-04Buenos Aires, Argentina1973-05-31Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
    Chief: Buhl, Peter (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905715 
    RC1609 1973-03-24Bahia Blanca, Argentina1973-04-22Buenos Aires, Argentina
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    RC1608 1973-03-10Bahia Blanca, Argentina1973-03-20Bahia Blanca, Argentina
    Chief: Ewing, John (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905713 
    RC1607 1973-02-24Bahia Blanca, Argentina1973-03-08Bahia Blanca, Argentina
    Chief: Ewing, John (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905712 
    RC1606 1973-01-24Ushuaia, Argentina1973-02-18Bahia Blanca, Argentina
    Chief: Windisch, Charles (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905711 
    RC1605 1972-12-21Rio De Janeiro, Brazil1973-01-19Ushuaia, Argentina
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    RC1604 1972-11-18Recife, Brazil1972-12-16Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
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    RC1603 1972-10-14Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago1972-11-13Recife, Brazil
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    RC1602 1972-09-14Kingston, Jamaica1972-10-11Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago
    Chief: Truchan, Marek (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905707 
    RC1601 1972-08-10St. George's, Bermuda1972-09-11Kingston, Jamaica
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    RC1510 1972-07-06Bridgetown, Barbados1972-08-04St. George's, Bermuda
    Chief: Ewing, Maurice (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905705 
    RC1509 1972-06-08Recife, Brazil1972-07-03Bridgetown, Barbados
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    RC1508 1972-05-11Rio De Janeiro, Brazil1972-06-05Recife, Brazil
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    RC1507 1972-04-16Bahia Blanca, Argentina1972-05-08Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
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    RC1506 1972-03-14Buenos Aires, Argentina1972-04-12Bahia Blanca, Argentina
    Chief: Ewing, John (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905701 
    RC1505 1972-02-12Buenos Aires, Argentina1972-03-07Buenos Aires, Argentina
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    RC1504 1972-01-05Punta Arenas, Chile1972-02-06Buenos Aires, Argentina
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    RC1503 1971-12-05Valparaiso, Chile1971-12-30Punta Arenas, Chile
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    RC1502 1971-11-02Papeete, French Polynesia1971-12-01Valparaiso, Chile
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    RC1501 1971-09-29Victoria, Canada1971-10-29Papeete, French Polynesia
    Chief: Carpenter, George (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905696 
    RC1407 1971-08-21Adak, Alaska1971-09-21Victoria, Canada
    Chief: Embley, Robert (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905695 
    RC1406 1971-07-18Adak, Alaska1971-08-17Adak, Alaska
    Chief: Rabinowitz, Philip (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905694 
    RC1405 1971-06-17Tokyo, Japan1971-07-16Adak, Alaska
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    RC1404 1971-05-09Darwin, Australia1971-06-12Tokyo, Japan
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    RC1403 1971-04-06Singapore, Singapore1971-05-05Darwin, Australia
    Chief: Carpenter, George (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905691 
    RC1402 1971-03-03Port Louis, Mauritius1971-04-01Singapore, Singapore
    Chief: Eittreim, Steven (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905690 
    RC1401 1971-01-17Cape Town, South Africa1971-02-28Port Louis, Mauritius
    Chief: Chute, John (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905689 
    RC1314 1970-12-09Cape Town, South Africa1971-01-11Cape Town, South Africa
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    RC1313 1970-10-03Mocamedes, Angola1970-11-04Cape Town, South Africa
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    RC1312 1970-09-02Abidjan, Cote D'Ivoire1970-10-01Mocamedes, Angola
    Chief: Leyden, Robert (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905686 
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    Chief: Markl, Rudi (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905685 
    RC1310 1970-06-27Cartagena, Colombia1970-07-27Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago
    Chief: Ludwig, William (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905684 
    RC1309 1970-06-21Colon, Panama1970-06-23Cartagena, Colombia
    Chief: Buhl, Peter (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905683 
    RC1308 1970-05-22Acapulco, Mexico1970-06-18Balboa, Panama
    Chief: Buhl, Peter (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905682 
    RC1307 1970-04-19Callao, Peru1970-05-18Acapulco, Mexico
    Chief: Buhl, Peter (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905681 
    RC1306 1970-03-06Papeete, French Polynesia1970-04-12Callao, Peru
    Chief: Carpenter, George (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905680 
    RC1305 1970-01-30Suva, Fiji1970-03-02Papeete, French Polynesia
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    RC1304 1969-12-21Honolulu, Hawaii1970-01-21Suva, Fiji
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    RC1303 1969-10-31Honolulu, Hawaii1969-12-14Honolulu, Hawaii
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    RC1302 1969-10-04Honolulu, Hawaii1969-10-16Honolulu, Hawaii
    Chief: Buhl, Peter (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905676 
    RC1301 1969-09-10Honolulu, Hawaii1969-09-29Honolulu, Hawaii
    Chief: Buhl, Peter (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905675 
    RC1220 1969-08-10Adak, Alaska1969-09-03Honolulu, Hawaii
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    RC1219 1969-07-12Hakodate, Japan1969-08-07Adak, Alaska
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    RC1218 1969-06-23Sasebo, Japan1969-07-05Hakodate, Japan
    Chief: Ewing, Maurice (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905672 
    RC1217 1969-05-28Singapore, Singapore1969-06-17Sasebo, Japan
    Chief: Leyden, Robert (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905671 
    RC1216 1969-05-08Colombo, Sri Lanka1969-05-26Singapore, Singapore
    Chief: Leyden, Robert (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905670 
    RC1215 1969-03-31Cape Town, South Africa1969-05-05Colombo, Sri Lanka
    Chief: Leyden, Robert (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905669 
    RC1214 1969-02-02Buenos Aires, Argentina1969-03-02Cape Town, South Africa
    Chief: Bryan, George (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905668 
    RC1213 1968-12-20Mar Del Plata, Argentina1969-01-26Buenos Aires, Argentina
    Chief: Lonardi, Alberto (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905667 
    RC1212 1968-11-07Suva, Fiji1968-12-16Mar Del Plata, Argentina
    Chief: Houtz, Robert (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905666 
    RC1211 1968-10-02Honolulu, Hawaii1968-10-30Suva, Fiji
    Chief: Gerard, Sam (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905665 
    RC1210 1968-09-10Kodiak, Alaska1968-09-25Honolulu, Hawaii
    Chief: Ewing, John (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905664 
    RC1209 1968-08-15Honolulu, Hawaii1968-09-07Kodiak, Alaska
    Chief: Ewing, John (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905663 
    RC1208 1968-07-22Adak, Alaska1968-08-06Honolulu, Hawaii
    Chief: Buhl, Peter (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905662 
    RC1207 1968-07-04Tokyo, Japan1968-07-19Adak, Alaska
    Chief: Buhl, Peter (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905661 
    RC1206 1968-06-03Tokyo, Japan1968-06-26Tokyo, Japan
    Chief: Ludwig, William (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905660 
    RC1205 1968-05-01Brisbane, Australia1968-05-29Tokyo, Japan
    Chief: Lonardi, Alberto (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905659 
    RC1204 1968-03-29Honolulu, Hawaii1968-04-27Brisbane, Australia
    Chief: Lonardi, Alberto (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905658 
    RC1203 1968-02-23Manzanillo, Mexico1968-03-22Honolulu, Hawaii
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    RC1202 1968-02-10Balboa, Panama1968-02-21Manzanillo, Mexico
    Chief: Windisch, Charles (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905656 
    RC1201 1968-01-04New York, New York1968-02-04Colon, Panama
    Chief: Windisch, Charles (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905655 
    RC1112 1967-10-21Colon, Panama1967-11-13New York, New York
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    RC1111 1967-09-20Papeete, French Polynesia1967-10-18Balboa, Panama
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    RC1110 1967-08-21Victoria, Canada1967-09-16Papeete, French Polynesia
    Chief: Epp, David (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905652 
    RC1109 1967-07-15Adak, Alaska1967-08-14Victoria, Canada
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    RC1108 1967-06-27Yokohama, Japan1967-07-12Adak, Alaska
    Chief: Pitman, Walter (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905650 
    RC1107 1967-05-20Fremantle, Australia1967-06-21Yokohama, Japan
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    RC1106 1967-05-12Fremantle, Australia1967-05-18Fremantle, Australia
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    RC1105 1967-04-06Port Louis, Mauritius1967-05-06Fremantle, Australia
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    RC1104 1967-03-02Cape Town, South Africa1967-04-02Port Louis, Mauritius
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    RC1103 1967-01-31Buenos Aires, Argentina1967-02-26Cape Town, South Africa
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    RC1102 1966-12-26Recife, Brazil1967-01-26Buenos Aires, Argentina
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    RC1101 1966-12-01New York, New York1966-12-22Recife, Brazil
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    RC1012 1966-09-13Colon, Panama1966-10-16New York, New York
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    RC1011 1966-08-15Victoria, Canada1966-09-09Balboa, Panama
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    RC1010 1966-07-16Adak, Alaska1966-08-11Victoria, Canada
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    RC1009 1966-07-02Adak, Alaska1966-07-13Adak, Alaska
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    RC1008 1966-06-08Tokyo, Japan1966-06-29Adak, Alaska
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    RC1007 1966-04-28Townsville, Australia1966-05-27Tokyo, Japan
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    RC1006 1966-03-28Papeete, French Polynesia1966-04-23Townsville, Australia
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    RC1005 1966-02-26Manzanillo, Mexico1966-03-23Papeete, French Polynesia
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    RC1004 1966-01-29Balboa, Panama1966-02-22Manzanillo, Mexico
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    RC1003 1965-12-28Kingston, Jamaica1966-01-25Colon, Panama
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    RC1001 1965-12-01New York, New York1965-12-24Kingston, Jamaica
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    RC0913 1965-08-27Plymouth, United Kingdom1965-09-22New York, New York
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    RC0912 1965-07-29Naples, Italy1965-08-23Plymouth, United Kingdom
    Chief: Ewing, Maurice (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905630 
    RC0911B 1965-07-14Port Said, Egypt1965-07-26Naples, Italy
    Chief: Ewing, Maurice (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905629 
    RC0911A 1965-07-04Aden, Yemen1965-07-13Port Said, Egypt
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    RC0910 1965-06-13Colombo, Sri Lanka1965-07-01Aden, Yemen
    Chief: Langseth, Marcus (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905627 
    RC0909 1965-05-20Fremantle, Australia1965-06-09Colombo, Sri Lanka
    Chief: Langseth, Marcus (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905626 
    RC0908 1965-05-15Fremantle, Australia1965-05-20Fremantle, Australia
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    RC0907 1965-04-23Hobart, Australia1965-05-11Fremantle, Australia
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    RC0906 1965-03-22Wellington, New Zealand1965-04-18Hobart, Australia
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    RC0905 1965-02-12Antofagasta, Chile1965-03-17Wellington, New Zealand
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    RC0904 1965-01-21Balboa, Panama1965-02-08Antofagasta, Chile
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    RC0903 1964-12-11Kingston, Jamaica1965-01-16Colon, Panama
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    RC0902 1964-11-13Galveston, Texas1964-12-08Kingston, Jamaica
    Chief: Ewing, Maurice (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905619 
    RC0901 1964-10-18New York, New York1964-11-10Galveston, Texas
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    RC0812 1964-08-05San Juan, Puerto Rico1964-08-22New York, New York
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    RC0811 1964-07-20San Juan, Puerto Rico1964-08-03San Juan, Puerto Rico
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    RC0810 1964-07-03San Juan, Puerto Rico1964-07-16San Juan, Puerto Rico
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    RC0809 1964-06-01San Juan, Puerto Rico1964-06-29San Juan, Puerto Rico
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    RC0808 1964-05-08San Juan, Puerto Rico1964-05-28San Juan, Puerto Rico
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    RC0807 1964-04-22Colon, Panama1964-05-03San Juan, Puerto Rico
    Chief: Ewing, John (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905612 
    RC0806 1964-03-16Wellington, New Zealand1964-04-18Balboa, Panama
    Chief: Houtz, Robert (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905611 
    RC0805 1964-03-09Auckland, New Zealand1964-03-12Wellington, New Zealand
    Chief: Houtz, Robert (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905610 
    RC0804 1964-03-04Lyttelton, New Zealand1964-03-07Auckland, New Zealand
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    RC0803 1964-02-06Fremantle, Australia1964-02-28Lyttelton, New Zealand
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    RC0802 1964-01-05Cape Town, South Africa1964-02-01Fremantle, Australia
    Chief: Bryan, George (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905607 
    RC0801 1963-11-26San Juan, Puerto Rico1963-12-29Cape Town, South Africa
    Chief: Wall, Robert (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905606 
    RC0708 1963-09-25St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands1963-10-14San Juan, Puerto Rico
    Chief: Talwani, Manik (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905605 
    RC0707 1963-09-07Fort-de-France, France1963-09-20St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands
    Chief: Gerard, Sam (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905604 
    RC0706 1963-09-04Fort-de-France, France1963-09-05Fort-de-France, France
    Chief: Gerard, Sam (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905603 
    RC0705 1963-08-25Fort-de-France, France1963-09-02Fort-de-France, France
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    RC0704 1963-08-19Fort-de-France, France1963-08-22Fort-de-France, France
    Chief: Gerard, Sam (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905601 
    RC0703 1963-08-13Fort-de-France, France1963-08-16Fort-de-France, France
    Chief: Gerard, Sam (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905600 
    RC0702 1963-07-27Earle, New Jersey1963-08-09Fort-de-France, France
    Chief: Fray, Charles (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905599 
    RC0701 1963-07-24Boston, Massachusetts1963-07-26Earle, New Jersey
    Chief: Windisch, Charles (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905598 
    RC0605 1963-06-21Boston, Massachusetts1963-06-28Boston, Massachusetts
    Chief: Worzel, Joseph (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905597 
    RC0604 1963-06-03Boston, Massachusetts1963-06-16Boston, Massachusetts
    Chief: Worzel, Joseph (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905596 
    RC0603 1963-05-19Boston, Massachusetts1963-05-31Boston, Massachusetts
    Chief: Worzel, Joseph (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905595 
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    RC0601 1963-04-28Piermont, New York1963-05-06Boston, Massachusetts
    Chief: Worzel, Joseph (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905593 
    RC0503 1963-04-19Fort-de-France, France1963-04-24New York, New York
    Chief: Gerard, Sam (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905592 
    RC0502 1963-04-09St. George's, Bermuda1963-04-14Fort-de-France, France
    Chief: Gerard, Sam (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905591 
    RC0501 1963-03-31St. George's, Bermuda1963-04-03St. George's, Bermuda
    Chief: Gerard, Sam (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905590 
    RC0402 1963-03-10Nassau, Bahamas1963-03-20St. George's, Bermuda
    Chief: Wall, Robert (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905589 
    RC0401 1963-03-03St. George's, Bermuda1963-03-07Nassau, Bahamas
    Chief: Wall, Robert (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905588 
    RC0301 1963-02-06St. George's, Bermuda1963-02-08St. George's, Bermuda
    Chief: Worzel, Joseph (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905587 
    RC0201 1963-01-24Jacksonville, Florida1963-01-29St. George's, Bermuda
    Chief: Worzel, Joseph (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905586 
    RC0102 1962-12-17Jacksonville, Florida1962-12-22Jacksonville, Florida
    Chief: Ewing, Maurice (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905585 
    RC0101 1962-12-04Jacksonville, Florida1962-12-09Jacksonville, Florida
    Chief: Ewing, Maurice (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905584 
    (302 cruises)