Cruise Catalog: Sally Ride


    Operator: Scripps Institution of Oceanography

    Cruise ID
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    Start DateStart PortEnd DateEnd Port
    SR1702 2017-01-12San Diego, California2017-01-16San Diego, California
    Project: Active Sonar Characterization
    Chief: Hodgkiss, William (SIO)
    SR1701 2017-01-04San Diego, California2017-01-07San Diego, California
    Project: Active Sonar Characterization
    Chief: Mayer, Larry (CCOM)
    SR1614 2016-12-13San Diego, California2016-12-15San Diego, California
    Project: LaJIT2/Acoustic Mooring Recovery Cruise
    Chief: Hamann, Madeleine (SIO)
    SR1612 2016-11-27San Diego, California2016-12-04San Diego, California
    Project: Science Verification Cruise and ROV Jason operations
    SR1611 2016-11-06San Diego, California2016-11-22San Diego, California
    Project: CalCOFI Survey
    Chief: Wilkinson, James (SIO)
    SR1610 2016-10-30San Diego, California2016-10-30San Diego, California
    Project: Public day relocation back to MarFac
    SR1609 2016-10-27San Diego, California2016-10-27San Diego, California
    Project: Relocate to Broadway pier for commissioning ceremony.
    SR1608 2016-10-26San Diego, California2016-10-26San Diego, California
    Project: UNOLS/NSF Inspection
    SR1606 2016-09-30San Diego, California2016-10-02San Diego, California
    Project: Chief: Wilkinson, James (SIO)
    SR1605 2016-09-07San Diego, California2016-09-20San Diego, California
    Project: The Information Content of Ocean Noise: Theory and Experiment
    Chief: Hodgkiss, William (SIO)
    SR1604 2016-08-22San Diego, California2016-08-26San Diego, California
    Project: Chief: Appelgate, Bruce (SIO)
    SR1603 2016-08-12Newport, Oregon2016-08-19San Diego, California
    Project: Winch tests and science for C. Reimers.
    Chief: Swift, James (SIO)
    SR1602 2016-08-02Anacortes, Washington2016-08-11Newport, Oregon
    Project: Transit
    SR1601 2016-07-16Anacortes, Washington2016-07-25Anacortes, Washington
    Project: Deep water SAT-Sea Acceptance Trails and Multibeam calibration
    Chief: Sutherland, Woody (SIO)
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