Cruise Catalog: Sikuliaq


    Operator: University of Alaska Fairbanks

    Cruise ID
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    Start DateStart PortEnd DateEnd Port
    SKQ201709S 2017-06-09Nome, Alaska2017-06-28Nome, Alaska
    Project: Chief: Danielson, Seth (UAF)
    SKQ201702T 2017-02-15San Diego, California2017-02-28Honolulu, Hawaii
    Project: Repositioning Transit
    SKQ201701S 2017-01-19Manzanillo, Mexico2017-02-15San Diego, California
    Project: Metabolic Index for Midwater Ecosystems
    Chief: Seibel, Brad (Hawaii)
    SKQ201617S 2016-12-20San Diego, California2017-01-16Manzanillo, Mexico
    Project: Oxygen Deficient Zone (ODZ) Dimensions
    Chief: Rocap, Gabrielle (UW)
    SKQ201616T 2016-12-02Honolulu, Hawaii2016-12-17San Diego, California
    Project: UNOLS Chief Scientist Training Cruise
    Chief: Coakley, Bernard (UAF)
    SKQ201615S 2016-11-24Honolulu, Hawaii2016-12-03Honolulu, Hawaii
    Project: Hawaii Ocean Timeseries (HOT), Cruise 288 (Info)
    Chief: Santiago-Mandujano, Fernando (Hawaii)
    SKQ201614T 2016-11-13Dutch Harbor, Alaska2016-11-23Honolulu, Hawaii
    Project: Transit
    SKQ201613S 2016-10-15Nome, Alaska2016-11-11Dutch Harbor, Alaska
    Project: Canada Basin Acoustic Propagation Experiment (CANAPE) (Info)
    Chief: Badiey, Mohsen (UDel)
    SKQ201612S 2016-08-31Seattle, Washington2016-09-28Nome, Alaska
    Project: Arctic Productivity
    Chief: Juranek, Laurie (OSU)
    SKQ201611T 2016-08-16Seattle, Washington2016-08-26Nome, Alaska
    Project: Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Student Experiences Aboard Ships (STEMSEAS) (Info)
    Chief: Lewis, Jon (IUP)
    SKQ201610S 2016-07-11Seattle, Washington2016-08-13Seattle, Washington
    Project: Ocean Observatories Initiative (OOI): Cabled Array
    Chief: Ittig, Brian (UW)
    SKQ201609S 2016-06-26Victoria, Canada2016-07-05Seattle, Washington
    Project: Installation of a Real-Time Seafloor Geodetic and Thermal Observatory at the Cascadia Subduction Zone
    Chief: McGuire, Jeffrey (WHOI)
    SKQ201608S 2016-06-13Victoria, Canada2016-06-25Victoria, Canada
    Project: Ocean Networks Canada - Annual Maintenance
    Chief: Kulin, Ian (UVic)
    SKQ201607S 2016-05-13San Diego, California2016-06-10Victoria, Canada
    Project: Deployment of a Seafloor Interferometric Optical Fiber Strainmeter
    Chief: Zumberge, Mark (SIO)
    SKQ201606S 2016-05-13San Diego, California2016-05-18San Diego, California
    Project: Ecological Transitions in the California Current Ecosystem: CCE-LTER Phase II (Info)
    Chief: Ohman, Mark (SIO)
    SKQ201605S 2016-04-17San Diego, California2016-05-12San Diego, California
    Project: RAPID: Responses of the California Current Ecosystem to El Nino 2015-16
    Chief: Ohman, Mark (SIO)
    SKQ201604S 2016-03-30San Diego, California2016-04-14San Diego, California
    Project: Jason test Cruise
    Chief: Heintz, Matthew (WHOI)
    SKQ201603T 2016-03-22San Diego, California2016-03-29San Diego, California
    Project: NSF Inspection
    SKQ201602S 2016-03-09San Diego, California2016-03-21San Diego, California
    Project: Coring Trials
    Chief: Lyle, Mitchell (OSU)
    SKQ201601T 2016-02-15San Francisco, California2016-03-08San Diego, California
    Project: Transit
    SKQ201513T 2015-11-11Dutch Harbor, Alaska2015-11-22San Francisco, California
    Project: Transit
    SKQ201512S 2015-09-27Nome, Alaska2015-11-10Dutch Harbor, Alaska
    Project: Sea State and Boundary Layer Physics of the Emerging Arctic Ocean (Info)
    Chief: Thomson, James (UW-APL)
    SKQ201511S 2015-08-23Nome, Alaska2015-09-26Nome, Alaska
    Project: Observing Turbulent Fluxes in the Upper Arctic Ocean (ArcticMix) (Info)
    Chief: MacKinnon, Jennifer (SIO)
    SKQ201510S 2015-07-20Nome, Alaska2015-08-22Nome, Alaska
    Project: Canada Basin Acoustic Propagation Experiment (CANAPE) (Info)
    Chief: Worcester, Peter (SIO)
    SKQ201509T 2015-07-15Dutch Harbor, Alaska2015-07-19Nome, Alaska
    Project: Transit
    SKQ201508S 2015-07-08Dutch Harbor, Alaska2015-07-14Dutch Harbor, Alaska
    Project: Magnetotelluric and Seismic Investigation of Okmok Volcano (Info)
    Chief: Key, Kerry (SIO)
    SKQ201507T 2015-06-24Seward, Alaska2015-07-07Dutch Harbor, Alaska
    Project: Transit
    SKQ201506T 2015-04-07Dutch Harbor, Alaska2015-04-16Seward, Alaska
    Project: Transit
    SKQ201505S 2015-03-19Dutch Harbor, Alaska2015-04-07Dutch Harbor, Alaska
    Project: Ice Trials Cruise
    Chief: Ashjian, Carin (WHOI)
    SKQ201504T 2015-03-13Seward, Alaska2015-03-18Dutch Harbor, Alaska
    Project: Transit
    Chief: Ashjian, Carin (WHOI)
    SKQ201503T 2015-02-19Juneau, Alaska2015-03-12Seward, Alaska
    Project: Sikuliaq Homecoming
    Chief: Hartz, Steven (UAF)
    SKQ201502T 2015-02-12Ketchikan, Alaska2015-02-18Juneau, Alaska
    Project: URN Trials Ketchikan
    Chief: Hartz, Steven (UAF)
    SKQ201501T 2015-01-19Apra, Guam2015-02-11Ketchikan, Alaska
    Project: Transit
    Chief: Hartz, Steven (UAF)
    SKQ201402S 2014-12-16Honolulu, Hawaii2015-01-15Apra, Guam
    Project: Deep-AUV Magnetic and Seismic Study of the Hawaiian Jurassic Crust, Leg 2 (Info)
    Chief: Tominaga, Masako (MSU)
    SKQ201401S 2014-11-17Honolulu, Hawaii2014-12-12Honolulu, Hawaii
    Project: Recovery of Seamount Precious Coral Beds
    Chief: Roark, Brendan (TAMU)
    (35 cruises)