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Cruise Catalog: Vema

  • Operator: Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory

    Cruise ID
    Start DateStart PortEnd DateEnd Port
    V3621 1981-02-12Porto Grande, Cape Verde1981-02-27New York, New York
    Chief: Roessler, Ralph (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906209 
    V3620 1981-01-19Durban, South Africa1981-02-10Porto Grande, Cape Verde
    Chief: Roessler, Ralph (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906208 
    V3619 1980-12-20Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania1981-01-14Durban, South Africa
    Chief: Falvey, David (Sydney)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906207 
    V3618 1980-11-17Mombasa, Kenya1980-12-17Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania
    Chief: Rabinowitz, Philip (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906206 
    V3617 1980-10-15Colombo, Sri Lanka1980-11-13Mombasa, Kenya
    Chief: Cochran, James (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906205 
    V3616 1980-09-12Singapore, Singapore1980-10-08Colombo, Sri Lanka
    Chief: Weissel, Jeffrey (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906204 
    V3615 1980-08-27Hong Kong, China1980-09-04Singapore, Singapore
    Chief: Houtz, Robert (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906203 
    V3614 1980-08-02Manila, Philippines1980-08-21Hong Kong, China
    Chief: Leyden, Robert (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906202 
    V3613 1980-06-28Apra, Guam1980-07-29Manila, Philippines
    Chief: Hayes, Dennis (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906201 
    V3612 1980-05-24Apra, Guam1980-06-24Apra, Guam
    Chief: Damuth, John (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906200 
    V3611 1980-05-02Pago Pago, American Samoa1980-05-20Apra, Guam
    Chief: Jarrard, Richard (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906199 
    V3610 1980-04-08Apra, Guam1980-04-29Pago Pago, American Samoa
    Chief: Jarrard, Richard (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906198 
    V3609 1980-03-07Hong Kong, China1980-04-05Apra, Guam
    Chief: Lewis, Stephen (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906197 
    V3608 1980-02-11Hong Kong, China1980-03-04Hong Kong, China
    Chief: Talwani, Manik (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906196 
    V3607 1980-01-13Hong Kong, China1980-02-05Hong Kong, China
    Chief: Windisch, Charles (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906195 
    V3606 1979-12-24Hong Kong, China1980-01-04Hong Kong, China
    Chief: Anderson, Roger N. (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906194 
    V3605 1979-12-05Hong Kong, China1979-12-21Hong Kong, China
    Chief: Hayes, Dennis (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906193 
    V3604 1979-11-12Apra, Guam1979-11-25Hong Kong, China
    Chief: Taylor, Brian (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906192 
    V3603 1979-10-10Suva, Fiji1979-11-09Apra, Guam
    Chief: Weissel, Jeffrey (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906191 
    V3602 1979-08-13Auckland, New Zealand1979-09-09Suva, Fiji
    Chief: Watts, Anthony (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906190 
    V3601 1979-07-04Suva, Fiji1979-08-03Auckland, New Zealand
    Chief: Larson, Roger (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906189 
    V3506 1978-07-06Apra, Guam1978-07-23Suva, Fiji
    Chief: Cande, Steven (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906188 
    V3505 1978-06-04Manila, Philippines1978-07-02Apra, Guam
    Chief: Hayes, Dennis (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906187 
    V3504 1978-05-25Singapore, Singapore1978-06-01Manila, Philippines
    Chief: LaBrecque, John (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906186 
    V3503 1978-04-09Colombo, Sri Lanka1978-04-16Singapore, Singapore
    Chief: Van Steveninck, William (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906185 
    V3502 1978-03-09Victoria, Seychelles1978-04-05Colombo, Sri Lanka
    Chief: Cochran, James (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906184 
    V3501 1978-02-18Cape Town, South Africa1978-03-05Victoria, Seychelles
    Chief: Cochran, James (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906183 
    V3411 1978-01-04Cape Town, South Africa1978-01-31Cape Town, South Africa
    Chief: Tucholke, Brian (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906182 
    V3410 1977-12-10Port Louis, Mauritius1977-12-29Cape Town, South Africa
    Chief: Simpson, Eric (UCT)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906181 
    V3409 1977-11-02Victoria, Seychelles1977-12-06Port Louis, Mauritius
    Chief: Anderson, Roger N. (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906180 
    V3408 1977-10-02Bombay, India1977-10-29Victoria, Seychelles
    Chief: Kolla, Venkatarathnam (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906179 
    V3407 1977-08-30Victoria, Seychelles1977-09-28Bombay, India
    Chief: Cochran, James (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906178 
    V3406 1977-08-01Colombo, Sri Lanka1977-08-27Victoria, Seychelles
    Chief: Damuth, John (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906177 
    V3405 1977-06-28Darwin, Australia1977-07-28Colombo, Sri Lanka
    Chief: Larson, Roger (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906176 
    V3404 1977-05-28Manila, Philippines1977-06-22Darwin, Australia
    Chief: Pitman, Walter (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906175 
    V3403 1977-04-25Apra, Guam1977-05-23Manila, Philippines
    Chief: Weissel, Jeffrey (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906174 
    V3402 1977-03-25Apra, Guam1977-04-21Apra, Guam
    Chief: Langseth, Marcus (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906173 
    V3401 1977-02-21Suva, Fiji1977-03-21Apra, Guam
    Chief: Heezen, Bruce (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906172 
    V3314 1977-01-21Townsville, Australia1977-02-17Suva, Fiji
    Chief: Watts, Anthony (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906171 
    V3313 1976-12-20Apra, Guam1977-01-17Townsville, Australia
    Chief: Weissel, Jeffrey (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906170 
    V3312 1976-11-27Hakodate, Japan1976-12-16Apra, Guam
    Chief: Cochran, James (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906169 
    V3311 1976-09-25Tokyo, Japan1976-10-22Hakodate, Japan
    Chief: Talwani, Manik (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906168 
    V3310 1976-08-27Keelung, Taiwan1976-09-19Tokyo, Japan
    Chief: Truchan, Marek (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906167 
    V3309 1976-07-25Singapore, Singapore1976-08-23Keelung, Taiwan
    Chief: Broecker, Wallace (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906166 
    V3308 1976-06-15Colombo, Sri Lanka1976-07-18Singapore, Singapore
    Chief: Herron, Thomas (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906165 
    V3307 1976-05-16Djibouti, Djibouti1976-06-12Colombo, Sri Lanka
    Chief: Schilling, Jean-Guy (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906164 
    V3306 1976-04-19Colombo, Sri Lanka1976-05-14Djibouti, Djibouti
    Chief: Bonatti, Enrico (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906163 
    V3305 1976-03-18Fremantle, Australia1976-04-16Colombo, Sri Lanka
    Chief: Carpenter, George (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906162 
    V3304 1976-02-23Melbourne, Australia1976-03-14Fremantle, Australia
    Chief: Markl, Rudi (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906161 
    V3303 1976-01-20Fremantle, Australia1976-02-18Melbourne, Australia
    Chief: Talwani, Manik (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906160 
    V3302 1975-12-21Port Adelaide, Australia1976-01-16Fremantle, Australia
    Chief: Hayes, Dennis (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906159 
    V3301 1975-11-17Melbourne, Australia1975-12-16Port Adelaide, Australia
    Chief: Weissel, Jeffrey (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906158 
    V3215 1975-10-18Suva, Fiji1975-11-12Melbourne, Australia
    Chief: Watts, Anthony (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906157 
    V3214 1975-09-18Tokyo, Japan1975-10-14Suva, Fiji
    Chief: Larson, Roger (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906156 
    V3213 1975-08-19Hakodate, Japan1975-09-14Tokyo, Japan
    Chief: Langseth, Marcus (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906155 
    V3212 1975-07-19Honolulu, Hawaii1975-08-13Hakodate, Japan
    Chief: Houtz, Robert (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906154 
    V3211 1975-07-02Honolulu, Hawaii1975-07-16Honolulu, Hawaii
    Chief: Hayes, Dennis (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906153 
    V3210 1975-05-31Acapulco, Mexico1975-06-27Honolulu, Hawaii
    Chief: Truchan, Marek (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906152 
    V3209 1975-05-12Balboa, Panama1975-05-28Acapulco, Mexico
    Chief: Truchan, Marek (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906151 
    V3208 1975-04-24San Juan, Puerto Rico1975-05-09Colon, Panama
    Chief: Leyden, Robert (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906150 
    V3207 1975-03-23Bridgetown, Barbados1975-04-21San Juan, Puerto Rico
    Chief: Rabinowitz, Philip (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906149 
    V3206 1975-02-18Dakar, Senegal1975-03-20Bridgetown, Barbados
    Chief: Ludwig, William (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906148 
    V3205 1975-01-19Las Palmas, Spain1975-02-16Dakar, Senegal
    Chief: Embley, Robert (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906147 
    V3204 1974-12-22Funchal, Portugal1975-01-15Las Palmas, Spain
    Chief: Rabinowitz, Philip (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906146 
    V3203 1974-11-21Ponta Delgada, Portugal1974-12-19Funchal, Portugal
    Chief: Fox, P. Jeffrey (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906145 
    V3202 1974-11-05New York, New York1974-11-18Ponta Delgada, Portugal
    Chief: Carpenter, George (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906144 
    V3201 1974-10-18New York, New York1974-10-31New York, New York
    Chief: Biscaye, Pierre (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906143 
    V3108 1974-08-06St. George's, Bermuda1974-09-03New York, New York
    Chief: Eittreim, Steven (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906142 
    V3107 1974-07-05Bridgetown, Barbados1974-08-03St. George's, Bermuda
    Chief: Truchan, Marek (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906141 
    V3106 1974-06-03Fortaleza, Brazil1974-07-01Bridgetown, Barbados
    Chief: Ludwig, William (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906140 
    V3105 1974-05-08Rio De Janeiro, Brazil1974-05-31Fortaleza, Brazil
    Chief: Damuth, John (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906139 
    V3104 1974-04-06Mar Del Plata, Argentina1974-05-05Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
    Chief: Leyden, Robert (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906138 
    V3103 1974-03-07Ushuaia, Argentina1974-04-02Mar Del Plata, Argentina
    Chief: Bryan, George (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906137 
    V3102 1974-02-02Mar Del Plata, Argentina1974-03-02Ushuaia, Argentina
    Chief: Carpenter, George (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906136 
    V3101 1974-01-02Dakar, Senegal1974-01-30Mar Del Plata, Argentina
    Chief: McCamy, Keith (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906135 
    V3014 1973-12-04Las Palmas, Spain1973-12-29Dakar, Senegal
    Chief: Hayes, Dennis (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906134 
    V3013 1973-11-01Lisbon, Portugal1973-12-01Las Palmas, Spain
    Chief: Lancelot, Yves (CNRS)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906133 
    V3012 1973-10-05Stavanger, Norway1973-10-29Lisbon, Portugal
    Chief: Watts, Anthony (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906132 
    V3011 1973-08-29Bodo, Norway1973-09-30Stavanger, Norway
    Chief: Talwani, Manik (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906131 
    V3010 1973-07-26Reykjavik, Iceland1973-08-26Bodo, Norway
    Chief: Eldholm, Olaf (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906130 
    V3009 1973-06-23St. John, Canada1973-07-23Reykjavik, Iceland
    Chief: Kristoffersen, Yngve (Bergen)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906129 
    V3008 1973-05-26Ponta Delgada, Portugal1973-06-20St. John, Canada
    Chief: Cochran, James (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906128 
    V3007 1973-04-28Ponta Delgada, Portugal1973-05-23Ponta Delgada, Portugal
    Chief: Fox, P. Jeffrey (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906127 
    V3006 1973-03-31Las Palmas, Spain1973-04-25Ponta Delgada, Portugal
    Chief: Pitman, Walter (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906126 
    V3005 1973-03-03Dakar, Senegal1973-03-28Las Palmas, Spain
    Chief: Rabinowitz, Philip (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906125 
    V3004 1973-02-02Recife, Brazil1973-02-28Dakar, Senegal
    Chief: Opdyke, Neil (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906124 
    V3003 1973-01-05San Juan, Puerto Rico1973-01-30Recife, Brazil
    Chief: Weissel, Jeffrey (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906123 
    V3002 1972-12-08New York, New York1972-12-30San Juan, Puerto Rico
    Chief: Eldholm, Olaf (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906122 
    V3001 1972-11-23New York, New York1972-12-04New York, New York
    Chief: Ludwig, William (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906121 
    V2912 1972-10-10Halifax, Canada1972-10-13New York, New York
    Chief: Kristoffersen, Yngve (Bergen)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906120 
    V2911 1972-09-12Stavanger, Norway1972-10-07Halifax, Canada
    Chief: Kristoffersen, Yngve (Bergen)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906119 
    V2910 1972-08-11Reykjavik, Iceland1972-09-09Stavanger, Norway
    Chief: Talwani, Manik (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906118 
    V2909 1972-07-14Las Palmas, Spain1972-08-08Reykjavik, Iceland
    Chief: Burckle, Lloyd (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906117 
    V2908 1972-06-15Abidjan, Cote D'Ivoire1972-07-11Las Palmas, Spain
    Chief: Rabinowitz, Philip (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906116 
    V2907 1972-05-21Luanda, Angola1972-06-12Abidjan, Cote D'Ivoire
    Chief: Rabinowitz, Philip (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906115 
    V2906 1972-04-21Cape Town, South Africa1972-05-18Luanda, Angola
    Chief: Ladd, John (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906114 
    V2905 1972-03-21Cape Town, South Africa1972-04-16Cape Town, South Africa
    Chief: Ladd, John (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906113 
    V2904 1972-02-18Port Louis, Mauritius1972-03-16Cape Town, South Africa
    Chief: Kahle, Hans-Gert (ETH)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906112 
    V2903 1972-01-20Port Louis, Mauritius1972-02-14Port Louis, Mauritius
    Chief: Kahle, Hans-Gert (ETH)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906111 
    V2902 1971-12-18Colombo, Sri Lanka1972-01-17Port Louis, Mauritius
    Chief: Eldholm, Olaf (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906110 
    V2901 1971-11-18Singapore, Singapore1971-12-14Colombo, Sri Lanka
    Chief: Aitken, Thomas (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906109 
    V2819 1971-10-15Darwin, Australia1971-11-13Singapore, Singapore
    Chief: Meijer, Robert (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906108 
    V2818 1971-09-14Hong Kong, China1971-10-11Darwin, Australia
    Chief: Meijer, Robert (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906107 
    V2817 1971-08-12Tokyo, Japan1971-09-09Hong Kong, China
    Chief: Leyden, Robert (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906106 
    V2816 1971-07-22Yokohama, Japan1971-08-08Tokyo, Japan
    Chief: Hartdegen, Carl (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906105 
    V2815 1971-06-22Sasebo, Japan1971-07-18Yokohama, Japan
    Chief: Ludwig, William (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906104 
    V2814 1971-05-20Apra, Guam1971-06-18Sasebo, Japan
    Chief: Ladd, John (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906103 
    V2813 1971-04-21Suva, Fiji1971-05-15Apra, Guam
    Chief: Ladd, John (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906102 
    V2812 1971-04-14Suva, Fiji1971-04-19Suva, Fiji
    Chief: Kent, Dennis (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906101 
    V2811 1971-03-12Honolulu, Hawaii1971-04-09Suva, Fiji
    Chief: Larson, Roger (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906100 
    V2810 1971-02-05Acapulco, Mexico1971-03-08Honolulu, Hawaii
    Chief: Opdyke, Neil (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906099 
    V2809 1971-01-10Balboa, Panama1971-02-01Acapulco, Mexico
    Chief: Aitken, Thomas (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906098 
    V2808 1970-12-28Kingston, Jamaica1971-01-08Colon, Panama
    Chief: Aitken, Thomas (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906097 
    V2807 1970-11-24St. George's, Bermuda1970-12-23Kingston, Jamaica
    Chief: Renard, Vincent (CNRS)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906096 
    V2806 1970-11-06St. George's, Bermuda1970-11-21St. George's, Bermuda
    Chief: Lieber, Steven (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906095 
    V2805 1970-10-11Cork, Ireland1970-11-02St. George's, Bermuda
    Chief: Hunkins, Kenneth (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906094 
    V2804 1970-09-10Trondheim, Norway1970-10-08Cork, Ireland
    Chief: Jones, John (UCL)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906093 
    V2803 1970-08-06Alesund, Norway1970-09-04Trondheim, Norway
    Chief: Talwani, Manik (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906092 
    V2802 1970-07-18Reykjavik, Iceland1970-08-03Alesund, Norway
    Chief: Windisch, Charles (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906091 
    V2801 1970-06-26New York, New York1970-07-16Reykjavik, Iceland
    Chief: Windisch, Charles (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906090 
    V2714 1970-04-13Porto Grande, Cape Verde1970-05-10New York, New York
    Chief: Pitman, Walter (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906089 
    V2713 1970-03-15Abidjan, Cote D'Ivoire1970-04-10Porto Grande, Cape Verde
    Chief: Pitman, Walter (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906088 
    V2712 1970-02-13Cape Town, South Africa1970-03-12Abidjan, Cote D'Ivoire
    Chief: Bryan, George (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906087 
    V2711 1970-02-06Cape Town, South Africa1970-02-10Cape Town, South Africa
    Chief: Bryan, George (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906086 
    V2710 1970-01-02Recife, Brazil1970-01-29Cape Town, South Africa
    Chief: Renard, Vincent (CNRS)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906085 
    V2709 1969-12-03Funchal, Portugal1969-12-30Recife, Brazil
    Chief: Bonnin, Jean (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906084 
    V2708 1969-11-21Lisbon, Portugal1969-12-02Funchal, Portugal
    Chief: Fox, P. Jeffrey (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906083 
    V2707 1969-10-19Brest, France1969-11-18Lisbon, Portugal
    Chief: Worzel, Joseph (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906082 
    V2706 1969-09-20Bergen, Norway1969-10-16Brest, France
    Chief: Poppe, Herbert (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906081 
    V2705 1969-09-12Bergen, Norway1969-09-19Bergen, Norway
    Chief: Talwani, Manik (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906080 
    V2704 1969-08-10Tromso, Norway1969-09-08Bergen, Norway
    Chief: Talwani, Manik (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906079 
    V2703 1969-07-19Reykjavik, Iceland1969-08-06Tromso, Norway
    Chief: Rabinowitz, Philip (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906078 
    V2702 1969-06-20Halifax, Canada1969-07-16Reykjavik, Iceland
    Chief: Rabinowitz, Philip (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906077 
    V2701 1969-05-29New York, New York1969-06-15Halifax, Canada
    Chief: Aitken, Thomas (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906076 
    V2610 1969-05-12St. George's, Bermuda1969-05-19New York, New York
    Chief: Ewing, John (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906075 
    V2609 1969-04-11Miami, Florida1969-05-09St. George's, Bermuda
    Chief: Aitken, Thomas (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906074 
    V2608 1969-03-05San Juan, Puerto Rico1969-04-05Miami, Florida
    Chief: Worzel, Joseph (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906073 
    V2607 1969-02-03Recife, Brazil1969-02-28San Juan, Puerto Rico
    Chief: Hayes, Dennis (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906072 
    V2606 1969-01-02Rio De Janeiro, Brazil1969-01-31Recife, Brazil
    Chief: Pitman, Walter (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906071 
    V2605 1968-11-29Rio De Janeiro, Brazil1968-12-29Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
    Chief: Renard, Vincent (CNRS)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906070 
    V2604 1968-10-26Dakar, Senegal1968-11-25Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
    Chief: Talwani, Manik (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906069 
    V2603 1968-09-26St. George's, Bermuda1968-10-21Dakar, Senegal
    Chief: Aitken, Thomas (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906068 
    V2602 1968-08-24St. George's, Bermuda1968-09-21St. George's, Bermuda
    Chief: Aitken, Thomas (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906067 
    V2601 1968-07-24Piermont, New York1968-08-16St. George's, Bermuda
    Chief: Aitken, Thomas (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906066 
    V2504 1968-04-06New York, New York1968-04-11New York, New York
    Chief: Eittreim, Steven (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906065 
    V2503 1968-03-11Paramaribo, Suriname1968-04-03New York, New York
    Chief: Pitman, Walter (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906064 
    V2502 1968-02-09Bridgetown, Barbados1968-03-08Paramaribo, Suriname
    Chief: Hayes, Dennis (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906063 
    V2501 1968-01-05Miami, Florida1968-02-05Bridgetown, Barbados
    Chief: Langseth, Marcus (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906062 
    V2413 1967-11-17Rio De Janeiro, Brazil1967-12-15Miami, Florida
    Chief: Gerard, Sam (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906061 
    V2412 1967-10-16Cape Town, South Africa1967-11-14Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
    Chief: Aitken, Thomas (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906060 
    V2411 1967-09-21Port Louis, Mauritius1967-10-11Cape Town, South Africa
    Chief: Aitken, Thomas (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906059 
    V2410 1967-08-22Darwin, Australia1967-09-14Port Louis, Mauritius
    Chief: Aitken, Thomas (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906058 
    V2409 1967-08-13Townsville, Australia1967-08-20Darwin, Australia
    Chief: Aitken, Thomas (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906057 
    V2408 1967-07-17Townsville, Australia1967-08-08Townsville, Australia
    Chief: Houtz, Robert (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906056 
    V2407 1967-06-16Manila, Philippines1967-07-12Townsville, Australia
    Chief: Ludwig, William (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906055 
    V2406 1967-05-31Manila, Philippines1967-06-11Manila, Philippines
    Chief: Ludwig, William (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906054 
    V2405 1967-04-25Midway Island, U.S. Minor Outlying Islands1967-05-25Manila, Philippines
    Chief: Bryan, George (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906053 
    V2404 1967-03-27Honolulu, Hawaii1967-04-22Midway Island, U.S. Minor Outlying Islands
    Chief: Bryan, George (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906052 
    V2403 1967-02-22Balboa, Panama1967-03-23Honolulu, Hawaii
    Chief: Bryan, George (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906051 
    V2402 1967-01-31Miami, Florida1967-02-19Colon, Panama
    Chief: Worzel, Joseph (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906050 
    V2401 1967-01-16New York, New York1967-01-30Miami, Florida
    Chief: Worzel, Joseph (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906049 
    V2307 1966-12-09St. George's, Bermuda1966-12-15New York, New York
    Chief: Ewing, John (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906048 
    V2306 1966-11-06Las Palmas, Spain1966-12-05St. George's, Bermuda
    Chief: Ewing, John (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906047 
    V2305 1966-10-15Glasgow, United Kingdom1966-11-03Las Palmas, Spain
    Chief: Aitken, Thomas (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906046 
    V2304 1966-09-17Reykjavik, Iceland1966-10-11Glasgow, United Kingdom
    Chief: Windisch, Charles (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906045 
    V2303 1966-08-27Reykjavik, Iceland1966-09-15Reykjavik, Iceland
    Chief: Talwani, Manik (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906044 
    V2302 1966-08-08Halifax, Canada1966-08-25Reykjavik, Iceland
    Chief: Windisch, Charles (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906043 
    V2301 1966-07-27New York, New York1966-08-05Halifax, Canada
    Chief: Windisch, Charles (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906042 
    V2207 1966-05-25Dakar, Senegal1966-06-14New York, New York
    Chief: Aitken, Thomas (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906041 
    V2206 1966-04-26Cape Town, South Africa1966-05-23Dakar, Senegal
    Chief: Ewing, Maurice (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906040 
    V2205 1966-04-16Cape Town, South Africa1966-04-25Cape Town, South Africa
    Chief: Ewing, Maurice (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906039 
    V2204 1966-03-16Buenos Aires, Argentina1966-04-11Cape Town, South Africa
    Chief: LePichon, Xavier (France)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906038 
    V2203 1966-02-18Recife, Brazil1966-03-10Buenos Aires, Argentina
    Chief: LePichon, Xavier (France)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906037 
    V2202 1966-01-30San Juan, Puerto Rico1966-02-16Recife, Brazil
    Chief: Talwani, Manik (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906036 
    V2201 1966-01-11New York, New York1966-01-27San Juan, Puerto Rico
    Chief: Windisch, Charles (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906035 
    V2114 1965-11-14Colon, Panama1965-12-10New York, New York
    Chief: Ewing, John (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906034 
    V2113 1965-10-11Honolulu, Hawaii1965-11-10Balboa, Panama
    Chief: Hayes, Dennis (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906033 
    V2112 1965-09-17Dutch Harbor, Alaska1965-09-30Honolulu, Hawaii
    Chief: Hayes, Dennis (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906032 
    V2111 1965-09-06Adak, Alaska1965-09-16Dutch Harbor, Alaska
    Chief: Chelminski, Paul (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906031 
    V2110 1965-08-08Manila, Philippines1965-09-02Adak, Alaska
    Chief: Chelminski, Paul (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906030 
    V2109B 1965-08-03Manila, Philippines1965-08-06Manila, Philippines
    Chief: Ludwig, William (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906029 
    V2109A 1965-08-01Manila, Philippines1965-08-03Manila, Philippines
    Chief: Ludwig, William (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906028 
    V2108 1965-07-08Naha, Japan1965-07-26Manila, Philippines
    Chief: Ludwig, William (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906027 
    V2107 1965-06-15Tokyo, Japan1965-07-05Naha, Japan
    Chief: Ludwig, William (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906026 
    V2106 1965-05-07Honolulu, Hawaii1965-05-26Tokyo, Japan
    Chief: Broecker, Wallace (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906025 
    V2105 1965-04-14Papeete, French Polynesia1965-05-01Honolulu, Hawaii
    Chief: Windisch, Charles (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906024 
    V2104 1965-03-14Balboa, Panama1965-04-11Papeete, French Polynesia
    Chief: Windisch, Charles (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906023 
    V2103 1965-02-28Miami, Florida1965-03-12Colon, Panama
    Chief: Worzel, Joseph (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906022 
    V2101 1965-02-11New York, New York1965-02-25Miami, Florida
    Chief: Worzel, Joseph (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906021 
    V2013 1964-12-05St. George's, Bermuda1964-12-10New York, New York
    Chief: Drake, Charles (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906020 
    V2012 1964-11-11Recife, Brazil1964-12-03St. George's, Bermuda
    Chief: Drake, Charles (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906019 
    V2011 1964-10-14Cape Town, South Africa1964-11-07Recife, Brazil
    Chief: LePichon, Xavier (France)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906018 
    V2010 1964-09-21Port Louis, Mauritius1964-10-08Cape Town, South Africa
    Chief: Langseth, Marcus (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906017 
    V2009 1964-08-23Darwin, Australia1964-09-18Port Louis, Mauritius
    Chief: Langseth, Marcus (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906016 
    V2008 1964-07-30Tokyo, Japan1964-08-19Darwin, Australia
    Chief: Langseth, Marcus (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906015 
    V2007 1964-07-03Tokyo, Japan1964-07-22Tokyo, Japan
    Chief: Ludwig, William (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906014 
    V2006 1964-05-28Midway Island, U.S. Minor Outlying Islands1964-06-23Tokyo, Japan
    Chief: Ludwig, William (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906013 
    V2005 1964-05-07Victoria, Canada1964-05-24Midway Island, U.S. Minor Outlying Islands
    Chief: Ludwig, William (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906012 
    V2004 1964-04-20Honolulu, Hawaii1964-05-04Victoria, Canada
    Chief: LePichon, Xavier (France)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906011 
    V2003 1964-03-17Balboa, Panama1964-04-16Honolulu, Hawaii
    Chief: LePichon, Xavier (France)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906010 
    V2002 1964-03-02San Juan, Puerto Rico1964-03-16Colon, Panama
    Chief: Talwani, Manik (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906009 
    V2001 1964-02-13New York, New York1964-02-24San Juan, Puerto Rico
    Chief: Windisch, Charles (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906008 
    V1913 1963-11-15Abidjan, Cote D'Ivoire1963-12-11New York, New York
    Chief: Drake, Charles (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906007 
    V1912 1963-09-20Cape Town, South Africa1963-10-24Abidjan, Cote D'Ivoire
    Chief: Ewing, Maurice (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906006 
    V1911 1963-08-28Mombasa, Kenya1963-09-16Cape Town, South Africa
    Chief: Langseth, Marcus (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906005 
    V1910 1963-08-08Colombo, Sri Lanka1963-08-26Mombasa, Kenya
    Chief: Langseth, Marcus (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906004 
    V1909 1963-07-11Singapore, Singapore1963-08-05Colombo, Sri Lanka
    Chief: Langseth, Marcus (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906003 
    V1908 1963-06-22Manila, Philippines1963-07-08Singapore, Singapore
    Chief: Ludwig, William (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906002 
    V1907 1963-05-21Pago Pago, American Samoa1963-06-16Manila, Philippines
    Chief: Ludwig, William (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906001 
    V1906 1963-05-10Papeete, French Polynesia1963-05-19Pago Pago, American Samoa
    Chief: Ludwig, William (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/906000 
    V1905 1963-04-14Callao, Peru1963-05-07Papeete, French Polynesia
    Chief: Heirtzler, James (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905999 
    V1904 1963-04-01Balboa, Panama1963-04-12Callao, Peru
    Chief: Heirtzler, James (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905998 
    V1903 1963-03-15St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands1963-03-25Colon, Panama
    Chief: Talwani, Manik (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905997 
    V1902 1963-02-28St. George's, Bermuda1963-03-13St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands
    Chief: Bryan, George (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905996 
    V1901 1963-02-21New York, New York1963-02-26St. George's, Bermuda
    Chief: Bryan, George (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905995 
    V1819 1962-11-25St. George's, Bermuda1962-12-08New York, New York
    Chief: Drake, Charles (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905994 
    V1818 1962-11-14Nassau, Bahamas1962-11-25St. George's, Bermuda
    Chief: Drake, Charles (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905993 
    V1817 1962-10-28Colon, Panama1962-11-11Nassau, Bahamas
    Chief: Drake, Charles (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905992 
    V1816 1962-10-16Salina Cruz, Mexico1962-10-25Balboa, Panama
    Chief: Worzel, Joseph (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905991 
    V1815 1962-09-20Papeete, French Polynesia1962-10-14Salina Cruz, Mexico
    Chief: Worzel, Joseph (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905990 
    V1814 1962-08-27Pago Pago, American Samoa1962-09-16Papeete, French Polynesia
    Chief: Heezen, Bruce (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905989 
    V1813 1962-08-05Wellington, New Zealand1962-08-24Pago Pago, American Samoa
    Chief: Heezen, Bruce (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905988 
    V1812 1962-07-14Fremantle, Australia1962-07-31Wellington, New Zealand
    Chief: Langseth, Marcus (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905987 
    V1811 1962-06-22Port Louis, Mauritius1962-07-11Fremantle, Australia
    Chief: Langseth, Marcus (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905986 
    V1810 1962-06-03Cape Town, South Africa1962-06-20Port Louis, Mauritius
    Chief: Talwani, Manik (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905985 
    V1809 1962-05-09Buenos Aires, Argentina1962-05-31Cape Town, South Africa
    Chief: Talwani, Manik (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905984 
    V1808 1962-04-06Puerto Belgrano, Argentina1962-05-02Buenos Aires, Argentina
    Chief: Ewing, Maurice (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905983 
    V1807 1962-03-14Ushuaia, Argentina1962-04-04Puerto Belgrano, Argentina
    Chief: Ewing, Maurice (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905982 
    V1806 1962-02-23Punta Arenas, Chile1962-03-12Ushuaia, Argentina
    Chief: Ewing, Maurice (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905981 
    V1805 1962-02-11Buenos Aires, Argentina1962-02-21Punta Arenas, Chile
    Chief: Ewing, Maurice (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905980 
    V1804 1962-01-21Recife, Brazil1962-02-06Buenos Aires, Argentina
    Chief: Langseth, Marcus (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905979 
    V1803 1961-12-28San Juan, Puerto Rico1962-01-19Recife, Brazil
    Chief: Langseth, Marcus (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905978 
    V1802 1961-12-06St. George's, Bermuda1961-12-24San Juan, Puerto Rico
    Chief: Ewing, John (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905977 
    V1801 1961-12-01New York, New York1961-12-05St. George's, Bermuda
    Chief: Ewing, John (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905976 
    V1717 1961-09-23Halifax, Canada1961-09-30New York, New York
    Chief: Worzel, Joseph (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905975 
    V1716 1961-08-25Argentia, Canada1961-09-17Halifax, Canada
    Chief: Drake, Charles (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905974 
    V1715 1961-08-18Halifax, Canada1961-08-25Argentia, Canada
    Chief: Drake, Charles (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905973 
    V1714 1961-08-11Halifax, Canada1961-08-15Halifax, Canada
    Chief: Drake, Charles (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905972 
    V1713 1961-07-19Dakar, Senegal1961-08-06Halifax, Canada
    Chief: Talwani, Manik (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905971 
    V1712 1961-06-27Buenos Aires, Argentina1961-07-18Dakar, Senegal
    Chief: Talwani, Manik (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905970 
    V1711 1961-05-22Puerto Belgrano, Argentina1961-06-20Buenos Aires, Argentina
    Chief: Ewing, Maurice (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905969 
    V1710 1961-05-04Ushuaia, Argentina1961-05-19Puerto Belgrano, Argentina
    Chief: Ewing, Maurice (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905968 
    V1709 1961-04-12Punta Arenas, Chile1961-04-29Ushuaia, Argentina
    Chief: Pitman, Walter (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905967 
    V1708 1961-04-01Punta Arenas, Chile1961-04-05Punta Arenas, Chile
    Chief: Pitman, Walter (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905966 
    V1707 1961-03-20Talcahuano, Chile1961-03-30Punta Arenas, Chile
    Chief: Pitman, Walter (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905965 
    V1706 1961-03-12Valparaiso, Chile1961-03-18Talcahuano, Chile
    Chief: Hennion, John (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905964 
    V1705 1961-02-18Balboa, Panama1961-03-09Valparaiso, Chile
    Chief: Heirtzler, James (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905963 
    V1704 1961-01-12Galveston, Texas1961-02-14Colon, Panama
    Chief: Worzel, Joseph (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905962 
    V1703 1960-12-28Key West, Florida1961-01-09Galveston, Texas
    Chief: Worzel, Joseph (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905961 
    V1702 1960-12-14St. George's, Bermuda1960-12-24Key West, Florida
    Chief: Worzel, Joseph (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905960 
    V1701 1960-12-09New York, New York1960-12-13St. George's, Bermuda
    Chief: Worzel, Joseph (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905959 
    V1617 1960-09-16Lunenburg, Canada1960-09-22New York, New York
    Chief: Drake, Charles (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905958 
    V1616 1960-09-10St. Pierre, France1960-09-12Lunenburg, Canada
    Chief: Drake, Charles (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905957 
    V1615 1960-08-25Julianehaab, Greenland1960-09-09St. Pierre, France
    Chief: Drake, Charles (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905956 
    V1614 1960-08-12Argentia, Canada1960-08-24Julianehaab, Greenland
    Chief: Drake, Charles (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905955 
    V1613 1960-08-08Halifax, Canada1960-08-12Argentia, Canada
    Chief: Drake, Charles (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905954 
    V1612 1960-07-02Rio De Janeiro, Brazil1960-08-01Lunenburg, Canada
    Chief: Gerard, Sam (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905953 
    V1611 1960-06-16Buenos Aires, Argentina1960-06-30Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
    Chief: Ewing, Maurice (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905952 
    V1610 1960-05-14Ushuaia, Argentina1960-06-09Buenos Aires, Argentina
    Chief: Ewing, Maurice (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905951 
    V1609 1960-04-11Wellington, New Zealand1960-05-12Ushuaia, Argentina
    Chief: Drake, Charles (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905950 
    V1608 1960-03-16Port Adelaide, Australia1960-04-06Wellington, New Zealand
    Chief: Nafe, Jack (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905949 
    V1607 1960-02-26Fremantle, Australia1960-03-13Port Adelaide, Australia
    Chief: Nafe, Jack (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905948 
    V1606 1960-01-25Port Louis, Mauritius1960-02-22Fremantle, Australia
    Chief: Fray, Charles (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905947 
    V1605 1959-12-27Cape Town, South Africa1960-01-22Port Louis, Mauritius
    Chief: Fray, Charles (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905946 
    V1604 1959-11-22Recife, Brazil1959-12-21Cape Town, South Africa
    Chief: Gerard, Sam (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905945 
    V1603 1959-11-02San Juan, Puerto Rico1959-11-20Recife, Brazil
    Chief: Gerard, Sam (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905944 
    V1602 1959-10-20St. George's, Bermuda1959-10-30San Juan, Puerto Rico
    Chief: Ewing, John (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905943 
    V1601 1959-10-03New York, New York1959-10-17St. George's, Bermuda
    Chief: Ewing, John (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905942 
    V1518 1959-06-26Miami, Florida1959-07-15New York, New York
    Chief: Nafe, Jack (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905941 
    V1517 1959-06-16St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands1959-06-25Miami, Florida
    Chief: Nafe, Jack (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905940 
    V1516 1959-05-27Roosevelt Roads, Puerto Rico1959-06-14St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands
    Chief: Nafe, Jack (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905939 
    V1515 1959-05-25San Juan, Puerto Rico1959-05-26Roosevelt Roads, Puerto Rico
    Chief: Nafe, Jack (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905938 
    V1514 1959-05-04Recife, Brazil1959-05-22San Juan, Puerto Rico
    Chief: Gerard, Sam (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905937 
    V1513 1959-04-20Montevideo, Uruguay1959-05-04Recife, Brazil
    Chief: Gerard, Sam (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905936 
    V1512 1959-04-05Mar Del Plata, Argentina1959-04-08Buenos Aires, Argentina
    Chief: Ewing, Maurice (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905935 
    V1511 1959-03-12Ushuaia, Argentina1959-04-05Mar Del Plata, Argentina
    Chief: Ewing, Maurice (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905934 
    V1510 1959-02-26Rio Gallegos, Argentina1959-03-10Ushuaia, Argentina
    Chief: Ewing, Maurice (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905933 
    V1509 1959-02-15Punta Arenas, Chile1959-02-16Rio Gallegos, Argentina
    Chief: Ewing, Maurice (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905932 
    V1508A 1959-02-08Punta Arenas, Chile1959-02-14Punta Arenas, Chile
    Chief: Ewing, Maurice (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905931 
    V1508 1959-02-04Punta Arenas, Chile1959-02-08Punta Arenas, Chile
    Chief: Ewing, Maurice (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905930 
    V1507 1959-01-22Puerto Montt, Chile1959-02-02Punta Arenas, Chile
    Chief: Ewing, Maurice (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905929 
    V1506 1959-01-16Talcahuano, Chile1959-01-21Puerto Montt, Chile
    Chief: Ewing, Maurice (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905928 
    V1505 1959-01-07Valparaiso, Chile1959-01-14Talcahuano, Chile
    Chief: Ewing, Maurice (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905927 
    V1504 1958-12-17Callao, Peru1959-01-02Valparaiso, Chile
    Chief: Menzies, Robert (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905926 
    V1503 1958-11-13Balboa, Panama1958-12-13Callao, Peru
    Chief: Worzel, Joseph (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905925 
    V1502A 1958-11-11Colon, Panama1958-11-12Balboa, Panama
    Chief: Worzel, Joseph (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905924 
    V1502 1958-10-30Charleston, South Carolina1958-11-11Colon, Panama
    Chief: Worzel, Joseph (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905923 
    V1501A 1958-10-29Savannah, Georgia1958-10-29Charleston, South Carolina
    Chief: Worzel, Joseph (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905922 
    V1501 1958-10-17New York, New York1958-10-25Savannah, Georgia
    Chief: Worzel, Joseph (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905921 
    V1419 1958-09-06Halifax, Canada1958-09-09New York, New York
    Chief: Kershaw, Charles (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905920 
    V1418 1958-08-14Ponta Delgada, Portugal1958-08-24Halifax, Canada
    Chief: Kershaw, Charles (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905919 
    V1417 1958-08-10Cadiz, Spain1958-08-13Ponta Delgada, Portugal
    Chief: Kershaw, Charles (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905918 
    V1416 1958-07-23Naples, Italy1958-08-05Cadiz, Spain
    Chief: Drake, Charles (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905917 
    V1415 1958-07-06Alexandria, Egypt1958-07-18Naples, Italy
    Chief: Drake, Charles (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905916 
    V1414 1958-07-01Port Said, Egypt1958-07-04Alexandria, Egypt
    Chief: Drake, Charles (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905915 
    V1413 1958-06-09Aden, Yemen1958-06-29Port Said, Egypt
    Chief: Drake, Charles (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905914 
    V1412 1958-05-11Port Louis, Mauritius1958-06-06Aden, Yemen
    Chief: Nafe, Jack (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905913 
    V1411 1958-04-23Durban, South Africa1958-05-08Port Louis, Mauritius
    Chief: Nafe, Jack (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905912 
    V1410 1958-04-14Cape Town, South Africa1958-04-23Durban, South Africa
    Chief: Nafe, Jack (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905911 
    V1409 1958-03-14Saunders, South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands1958-04-07Cape Town, South Africa
    Chief: Takahashi, Taro (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905910 
    V1408 1958-02-17Ushuaia, Argentina1958-03-12Saunders, South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands
    Chief: Ewing, Maurice (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905909 
    V1407 1958-01-30Puerto Belgrano, Argentina1958-02-14Ushuaia, Argentina
    Chief: Ewing, Maurice (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905908 
    V1406 1958-01-17Buenos Aires, Argentina1958-01-26Puerto Belgrano, Argentina
    Chief: Ewing, Maurice (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905907 
    V1405 1958-01-02Rio De Janeiro, Brazil1958-01-09Buenos Aires, Argentina
    Chief: Ludwig, William (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905906 
    V1404 1957-12-20Salvador, Brazil1957-12-29Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
    Chief: Ludwig, William (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905905 
    V1403 1957-12-15Recife, Brazil1957-12-19Salvador, Brazil
    Chief: Stockel, Albert (WCG)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905904 
    V1402 1957-11-15St. George's, Bermuda1957-12-12Recife, Brazil
    Chief: Stockel, Albert (WCG)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905903 
    V1401 1957-11-09New York, New York1957-11-14St. George's, Bermuda
    Chief: Stockel, Albert (WCG)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905902 
    V1207 1957-04-01Puerto Belgrano, Argentina1957-04-24Cape Town, South Africa
    Chief: Beckmann, Walter (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905901 
    V1202 1956-12-19St. George's, Bermuda1957-01-02Recife, Brazil
    Chief: Davidson, Margaret (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905900 
    V1201 1956-12-14New York, New York1956-12-18St. George's, Bermuda
    Chief: Davidson, Margaret (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905899 
    V1101 1956-11-06New York, New York1956-11-12Lunenburg, Canada
    Chief: Luskin, Bernard (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905898 
    V1013 1956-09-12Las Palmas, Spain1956-09-30New York, New York
    Chief: Heezen, Bruce (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905897 
    V1001 1956-06-02New York, New York1956-06-16Funchal, Portugal
    Chief: Nafe, Jack (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905896 
    V0904 1956-04-23St. George's, Bermuda1956-04-25New York, New York
    Chief: Hamilton, Gordon (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905895 
    V0903 1956-04-16Natal, Brazil1956-04-21St. George's, Bermuda
    Chief: Hamilton, Gordon (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905894 
    V0802 1955-11-02St. George's, Bermuda1955-11-06Nassau, Bahamas
    Chief: Worzel, Joseph (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905893 
    V0801 1955-10-30New York, New York1955-11-02St. George's, Bermuda
    Chief: Worzel, Joseph (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905892 
    V0704 1955-08-06St. George's, Bermuda1955-08-26St. George's, Bermuda
    Chief: Miller, Thomas (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905891 
    V0703 1955-07-07St. George's, Bermuda1955-08-01St. George's, Bermuda
    Chief: Heezen, Bruce (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905890 
    V0702 1955-06-14Nassau, Bahamas1955-06-25St. George's, Bermuda
    Chief: Heezen, Bruce (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905889 
    V0701 1955-05-25New York, New York1955-05-27Nassau, Bahamas
    Chief: Worzel, Joseph (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905888 
    V0609 1955-04-07Settlement Point, Bermuda1955-04-11New York, New York
    Chief: Nafe, Jack (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905887 
    V0405 1954-08-27Lisbon, Portugal1954-09-19New York, New York
    Chief: Heezen, Bruce (LDEO)Cruise DOI: 10.7284/905886 
    (324 cruises)